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Showtime Phil Simms Week 15

Where do you find Phil Simms? You find him on the Showtime link, but you also find him here on the Ultimatenyg New York Giants blog.

1) NYG at DAL. “Dallas will beat the NY Giants.”

“IF Dallas can make the playoffs (thinks they will), I believe they are a big time threat to the NY Giants because they are one of the few teams that are big enough and strong enough to just go in there and slug it out with them.”

(Re last weekend’s game) “Weather is the great equalizer of talent.”

2) DEN at CAR. Despite the mon night hangover factor, likes the Carolina Panthers, big and strong and will find a way to win it.

3) TB at ATL. Veteran QB Garcia vs a rookie QB Ryan, going with the veteran QB, Tampa Bay.

4) BUF at NYG. Bills have speed but not showing up, Jets will have some success throwing the ball downfield and win a close game.