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Simms Covers the NFL- Week 4 of the 2011 Season

Phil Simms joins Mike Francesa on the NFL Now, a syndicated WFAN radio broadcast.  Remember to Follow us on Twitter today during the game with AZ.  If you tweet us we’ll try to reply as time permits. Click Read More for Simms. 

Michael Vick. Phil Simms dismisses any idea of preferential treatment for the opponent vs Vick.  When Vick moves out of the pocket, he takes extra hits.  Admirable for him to subject himself to that, but the QB elects to take more hits.  The chances of Vick getting hit are higher because even though he is more elusive, he is exposing himself to more opportunities to get hit.  Do not throw personal foul flag unless it is obvious.  The NFL will deal with it during the week if it is missed, but don’t go throwing the flag and hurting teams with questionable/marginal situations during the game.

PIT-HOU.  Texans need to execute.  Steelers OL is a shambles after injuries.  Mario Williams (and a few others) should be able to pressure Roethlisberger.  Problem with Texans is that they could never make a defensive stop when they needed it.  (UltimateNYG note: Wade Phillips got bashed here as a Head Coach, but as the Texans’ DC, he should help this Texans franchise immensely.) Arian Foster should be back near 100%, that is a big deal for them.  Roethlisberger making a lot of turnovers.  7 turnovers vs Baltimore in Week 1.  3 more last week in 3 sets of downs vs the Colts last week.  

OAK-NE.  “Pats defense is bad.”  NE is right where it was last year because they can’t get to the QB.  The odds on INTs just caught up to Brady last week.  Brady still is a great QB.  Raiders are big, usually they play dumb.  No lockerroom malcontents.  Jason Campbell very comfortable there, it is his team now.  The Raiders are trying to get back to being the bully on the field.  The Raiders pass defense is slow, that will be a liability vs the Pats.  McFadden is a terrific RB.

NYJ-BAL.  Bart Scott is very good vs the run.  Defensive front of Bal is rugged, Ngota is excellent.  Suggs is one of the top 3-4 players in the league.  (Francesa puts Revis and DeMarcus Ware ahead of him.) Ferguson will have his hands full with Suggs.  Cromartie still pretty good.  Ed Reed and the BAL corners are good.

DEN-GB.  Denver TE does not get down the field, limited in offensive skill positions.  DEN defense is impressive.  But the problem is that the DEN defense has to play a lot because the DEN offense is not on the field.  Superlatives for Aaron Rodgers are effusive. 

Simms did not comment on the NYG-AZ matchup, but he did pick the Giants to win when queried on Showtime:

“How will the AZ defense play?  If they go out and play like they did against Cam Newton, like ‘We’re get up on you, get in your face and try to be super aggressive,’ they’re going to lose the game.  Make the Giants march the ball methodically down the field. Then you have a much better chance.  But I’ll stick take the NY Giants.” 

Note what Simms says, reading between the lines.. that when you make the Giants drive methodically, you have a better chance at stopping them.  Why?  Because this puts the pressure on Gilbride to keep delivering with the playcalls with small ball.  Yes, you have to stretch the field and be willing to attack down the field, but you also have to demonstrate an ability to move the sticks.  Gilbride must show that he can move the sticks when called upon, especially on 3rd down.  Simms knows it, we know it, does Gilbride deliver a consistent answer today and coming weeks?  We certainly hope so.