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Simms for Week 15 of the 2011 Season

Phil Simms joined Francesa on WFAN for the NFL Now.  Simms will be doing the DEN-NE game.

1) Eli Manning–  He is the man for the Giants.  He has steadily gotten better.  Throwing the football better.  Give Gilbride a lot of credit.  The WRs fit that system.  Victor Cruz is not a secret anymore.  Manning to Nicks as good as most in the NFL.

2) Phillip Rivers– Rivers got hot vs a couple of teams that could not rush the passer.  The Ravens will test him much more than he was tested the past two games.

3) NYJ-PHL.  I like the two corners of the Jets vs the Eagles wideouts.  Good matchup for the Jets, where the Eagles go for longer/crossing routes with Vick in his 7 step drop.  The Eagles cannot use the wide-9 or else the Jets will run for 200 yards. 

4) Interim Coaches– Melvin Tucker has taken over a trainwreck.  27 people on IR.  Jacksonville, KC, Miami.  Good chance for these interim guys to audition.  Helps players too.  Romeo Crennel wants to (head) coach.  He pulled Palko.  KC should be ready to play, even if they give up 35 to the Packers.  KC offense is limited. 

5) Bears–  Caleb Haney exposes the weaker WRs of the Bears; without the Jay Cutler laser, these wideouts are not able to create on their own.

6) Skelton– The AZ QB continues to get better, looks like he can be a very good professional QB.               

7) Locker– Better thrower than Tebow, throws down the field, not a rhythm thrower on the shorter stuff.  So his stats will not look good but he can connect long.  Tennessee is very happy.