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Simms on week 6

We visit Simms for  his outlook on today’s Giants game versus the Lions and some observations on other games in week 6.

Chris Collinsworth asked Sapp and Simms on Showtime – Inside the NFL about  the Giants Lions matchup: “Anyone taking Detroit?”  A moment of pause and then, in unison, “no”.  This morning on WFAN with Mike Francesca they did not even discuss the matchup – just saying that some 3 million viewers who have Cablevision in the NY Metro area will be not see the game.

Ravens-Pats:  Simms could not provide a prediction as he is covering this game today on CBS.  He did comment on last year’s playoff game: “last year it was the Patriots’ Offense that did it all – with a lot of turnovers and easy scores.”  He did say feels the week off for Pats will be very beneficial for them as their “young guys are still making mistakes” with blown coverage and letting big plays down field.  The time off should help them regroup. Overall, he “doesn’t think the Pats Defense can be great.”  Simms also passed on comments from the Ravens’ Defensive Coordinator about Ed Reed – even though he isn’t playing today.  He said he’s the “healthiest he has ever seen Ed Reed in 3 years since being in Baltimore.”  That’s kind of scary for the rest of the NFL and makes the Ravens that much more formidable for the rest of the season.  Overall, Simms observes that the Ravens have “refined what they are on both sides of the football” and “if they (had) won last week versus the Bengals” they would be the class of the NFL.

Dallas-Minny: The Vikings should “throw it every down to get in a rhythm (as) the more Favre throws the better he gets and the better his receivers get.”  Bottom line with the Vikings: you have to “live and die with Brett Favre.”

Simms also commented on a team that many predicted would be a contender in the AFC, the Chargers.  They are, statistically, “one of the top teams in offense and defense” yet “they have lost 3 of their games due to their Special Teams play.”  They are  in company with the Giants’ Special Team unit as Simms called the Chargers Special Teams “absolutely horrendous” these last few games. Fortunately, for the Gmen we haven’t lost a game due to Special Teams play – yet.

Given the lack of color by Simms on the Giants let’s visit what Banks had to say about the matchup of the Gmen vs. Detroit.  On Friday Banks spoke with Evan and Roberts on WFAN with his take on the game and said he feels the “brand (of football) has changed a little in Detroit.”  The worst case scenario is “this is one of the games where a tipped ball” leads to a 1 score game and he said “this is not the game you want to be in a dog fight…you want to be in a dog fight with Pittsburgh.”

Friday we discussed Suh and his possible impact on the game.  Banks confirms some of the conclusions that at “some point in the game you see an offensive lineman going backwards” and overall the Lions’ defensive line “actually gets a lot of penetration.”  The play of their defensive line is an example of why “statistics are deceiving.”

Important update: Tynes inactive.  Graham to kick