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Simms Spotlight

Around the NFL with Phil Simms.
From Simms’ weekly spot on WFAN with Mike Francesa,  Phil shared the following:

The Detroit Lions are a 50 Minute team.  There is two reasons:

1. lack of talent

2.  not ready to fight for entire game

On the Patriots, they have good route runners.  This is what Belichick wants.  And with good tight ends, they can give defenses deceptive looks.  Even without Randy Moss, the Patriots are getting receivers down field.  A negative about the Patriots is their defense.  Patriots have trouble putting pressure on a quarterback.  Simms, “No pressure is gonna get you.”

Bengals vs Jets

Despite playing the moribund Bengals, Phil was impressed with the Jets defense.  Jets were able to get pressure without blizting.  And speaking of the Bengals, Phil thinks Carson Palmer is injured.  While watching the game, Palmer is not zipping the ball. 

Peyton Manning

Last week,  on the pass which was intercepted late in the game, Manning did not make a poor decision.  On this play, under pressure, Manning raised his arm.  Because he raised his arm angle, he could not get enough power on the ball.  

Chargers vs Colts

If Gates was playing, Phil would favor San Diego.  Speaking of the Chargers, Phil lauds Chargers head coach Norv Turner.  All season, the Chargers are playing with back up receivers and they are getting open.  With all their injuries, the Chargers have used 70 players this season.  However, this is no excuse for the team’s abysmal special teams play.

Philip Rivers is excellent with a tight pocket around him.  When taking 4 or 5 yard drops, he can hang in there and make throws.  This is important point.  Against the Colts defense, if a quarterback takes a 7 yard drop, the talented Colts defensive ends will get to you.  

Titans vs Texans

Can third string Titan quarterback Rusty Smith come to Texas and win?


Jags vs Giants

Can Eli still be aggressive and not make mistakes?

If you cannot, you are not going to be a top quarterback in the NFL.  Eli has to be aggressive.

Raiders vs Dolphins

Does Phil agree with move back to Gradkowski at QB?


Phil thinks  Jason Campbell does not have a good arm.  He is not aggressive and does not show intensity.

Regarding the Dolphins, Phil has been disappointed with their defense. 

Bears vs Eagles

Chance for Bears defense to contain Vick.  They play a Tampa 2 defense.  With a Tampa 2,  the main criteria is having four defensive linemen who can rush the passer.  More importantly,  a team has to have speed and talent at the linebacker and secondary positions.  The Bears have the talent.  Needless to say, this is the reason for them playing well.  Having Julius Peppers around has been the equalizer.  On offense, the Bears are doing it with mirrors.  They have an average receiving corps.  Because of the boggy field conditions at Soldier Field,  the Bears offensive line has a chance to block the Eagles defensive front.  Bears must control the game with rushing attack.  It should be a tight low scoring game.

Packers vs Falcons

Matt Ryan is having a very good year.  Only blemish, he played poorly against the Steelers.  Phil does not like the Falcons defense.  It is Phil’s truth,  the Packers are a better team.  They have speed and a sound defense.  Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson are playing extremely well.  Woodson is playing better this year than last year.  Recall, Woodson was defensive player of the year in 2009.

In a close game, Phil likes the Packers.