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Simms W17

Phil Simms speaks about the W17 matchups in the last regular season segment of the NFL Now with Mike Francesa.

1) NYG-WASH.  There were ~5X the QB (aaron Rodgers) made plays vs the Giants that no one else can make.  Grossman won’t be able to do that today.  There is enough talent to keep ANY TEAM’s offense from making plays on offense vs the Giants defense.  Simms ALSO questions the QB interceptions.  41 turnovers is incredible.  They need to run the football more, settle the team down.  They are not patient enough.  Protection for Eli has been good.  Body language of WR says they are on wrong page.  Eli is not controlling the football properly, sees where he wants to go with the ball, and does not get the ball where he intends to.  Eli physically cannot throw the ball where and how he wants to.

Normally we’d keep going with a preview of the other games, but at this point, as a NY Giants blog we’ll stop. Let’s keep going with what Simms said about his former team.  Simms notes he has been watching the Giants ALL season.  So he is not turning on the strobe for one or two moments.  Simms clearly supports UltimateNYG’s perception that the talent is here on both sides of the ball to do better than they are doing. 

We discuss the following point all the time: when players are not executing to their potential, it is NOT on the players.  It is on the coaching staff.  Why?  For the simple reason that that is the job of the coaches- to get the most out of their talent.  Teach teach teach and scheme scheme scheme.

The comments about the Giants defense giving up so much against the Packers was a clear message between the lines from Simms- that there is too much ability on the Giants to allow that kind of a bloodletting… which fits with Terrell Thomas admitting that we got outcoached.  We pointed this out in the “45 and Uncompetitive”  post from Thursday..  that the only time all year the Packers ran up that many points was when they played the imploding Cowboys pre-Garrett. 

The comments about Eli Manning are clear- Eli needs coaching to get hm back on track.  Simms says he lacks confidence. 

So what do you want the Giants to do?  Choice A) relieve Coughin and his staff of duties.  Choice B) Let Coughlin fire the Offensive Coordinator (QB, WR, balance-identity), the Defensive Coordinator(tuck and cofield ‘prevent’ vs Eagles in worst collapse in history, passive abdication vs the Packers), the Special teams Coordinator (do we have to list the reasons for this?!), the QB coach (Eli’s horrible regression, INTs) and the WR coach (WRs constantly in wrong routes).  If you have been reading this site all week, you know that that is a rhetorical question.