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Simms Week 12, Eli news

Simms gave us a double dip, we do too.  This is the second post today, please be sure to share your opinion on Coughlin in the first post.

Cowboys went up and down the field all day vs OAK but came away with a lot less than they should have.  Felix Jones not a top RB.  Miles Austin not a top WR.  A lot of good players, but no great player to put them over the top.

Pitt-Ravens: Dixon capable.  But because he is young you have to expect the Ravens’ defense to give him too much trouble.  Since the bye, Ed Reed and the defense have played well.  They are back to doing the old Ravens things like confusing offenses with different looks.

Texans- their weakness is that on defense they try to stop the big play and what results is that they are too soft underneath.  Too predictable and this is how they lose.  The Titans took advantage of that. 

Titans- So much focus on using Chris Johnson (whom Phil puts in the same category as Adrian Peterson), that the passing game suffers due to lack use and lack of rhythm.

Saints/Pats- Likes NE’s defense a “little” bit better than the Saints.  Each team cannot generate consistent pressure.   Saints will be w/o 2 or 3 DBs this weekend.  Pats defense has gotten younger and a lot faster. (Reminds me of Peter’s blog post yesterday.)

Mark Sanchez- Francesa was trying to build a story around the Jets color-coding their plays so that the QB would know when to take risks and not to. Simms would not have any of it, saying simply that he did not agree with it but that he would not “overreact” to it.  You have to learn when the play is over. At USC the play was never over.  In the NFL you get hits, sacks and INTs.  These great seasons for rookie QBs (Flacco, Ryan) are the exception.    “(Sanchez) will turn out to be the player that they drafted him to be… He spins the ball hard, he throws spirals, he’ll be a very good all-weather QB in this league.”

UltimateNYG here.  ESPN reports that Eli Manning has a stress reaction to his plantar faciitis.  The implications are significant.  Separately, I find Simms’ comments about Sanchez’s throwing mechanics to be revealing, if only because we do not hear about Simms discussing Eli Manning’s mechanics the same way.