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Snapshots on NFL’s 32 Teams at Week 10

UlitmateNYG's resident football savant, Wonder, goes around the NFL with snapshots on all 32 teams.  He does not have flattering things to say about the NY Giants.

NE– Either Belichick is the greatest coach in the world, or the Pats are the luckiest in the world.
BUF– Bright future, but injury to EJ Manuel sets them back until 2014.
NYJ– How can any team that has been outscored by 68 pts actually have more wins than losses?!
MIA– A franchise with no direction and no control.

PIT– With Pouncey hurt, not one single OLman. They have Timmons, Woodley and rookie JJones, that's it.
BAL– How can anyone pay Joe Flacco $55M guaranteed?
CLE– If they can get a QB in 2014 draft/FA, 2nd WR opposite Josh Gordon, then solid solid team.
CIN– If Marvin Lewis does not win his FIRST playoff game in 2013 CIN should pay Cowher $10M to coach them in '14. Loss of Atkins huge.

IND– Another unbelievably overrated team, beat 3 best teams in football yet can lose to anyone anywhere anytime. Easily could be 2-6.
HOU– Schaub and Kubiak need to move out.
TEN– Do not sleep on the Titans. Close. Very close. Need more development and better play from Locker. Like the coach, team, everything about them.
JAX– I would take the 0-16 Lions and lay 7 pts vs the Jags on a neutral field.

KC– The worst 9-0 team in the history of Football. Going nowhere in 2013. I like them but they haven't beaten ANYBODY. Will lose at least 3 of last 7.
DEN– Elway should be the destructive exec of year for not knowing how to use fax machine (Dumervil voided contract). DEN would have walked into the Super Bowl if not for loss of Ryan Clady.
OAK– Al Davis has recently asked for his grave to be moved to Oakland Stadium so that he can advise the team.
SD– If you have 1st and goal down by 3 at the 1 yd, and don't try to win the game, u deserve to lose in OT. (Could easily be 7-1, my pick for wild card. KC DEN NE CIN IND are already the other 5.)

NYG– Beat MIN and PHL, now what?! No talent, no depth, no drafting. Jerry Reese go far far away. P.S. LBer is a position in the NFL.
DAL– As long as Jerry is Pres/GM, they will not win a Super Bowl.  
WAS– What have they done to RGIII?
PHL– Not sold on Foles… Vick cannot stay (healthy) on the field.

GB– Seneca Wallace? Ya gotta be kiddin' me!
CHI– Some days chicken, some days feathers.
MIN– My heart goes out to AP.
DET– Some days feathers, some days chicken.

NO– Better make sure you are at home for the playoffs, gentlemen.
ATL– No White, No Jones, No Jackson, No love.
TB– All you need to know about team climate is that Revis would rather have $16M w 0-8 Schianos than $12M with contending Jets.
CAR– Tough Defense + Cam Newton not doing anything stupid = Victories. Brutal stretch schedule though.

SEA– Am I the only guy who doesn't think Russell Wilson is that good?
SF– Still my choice to go all the way.
AZ– Too bad they can't have Kurt Warner. Love my guy Washington.
STL– Good defense but their offense pathetic.

Wonder gives Giants a more detailed review:  The Giants can lose to anybody at any time. No sacks. Giants fans are insane, should root for them to lose every game for a better draft choice.  Dallas is going to win the division.  Giants would need to beat WAS both games to win the division.  Even with Seneca Wallace the Giants may still lose to GB. This team has the worst offensive line in football.  Pugh is getting better.  I had high hopes for Beatty when he came into the league, but he gets beat and he racks up penalties. They just don't have anybody. 

Wonder's 5 worst Offensive Lines in the NFL are:
28) Miami (now that Incognito and Martin are gone)
29) Oakland
30) Jacksonville
31) Pittsburgh
32) NY Giants

The Giants could win the next 2 games but they would still be terrible.  No quality at LB or OL.