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So why are you shocked?

So many people out there are shocked, saddened, disappointed that we have lost Wilson, Mitchell and Torbor on the first day. And the same crowd gets a little ornery when they hear that the Giants have contacted the agents for free agent safeties Eugene Wilson, Erik Coleman and Sammy Knight… guys who are ‘also rans.’ But this is how Reese got it done last year, and all things considered he was more likely than not going to be passive again. Winning the Super Bowl with ‘passive’ was not going to turn him into Dan Snyder.

One thing Reese better wake up to fast is the price of EVERYTHING just went up. The fact that he scored on the Tuck contract better not keep him from recalibrating his compass. Umenyiora? Burress? Strahan? Poker just got expensive. It is one thing to lose out to the Raiders on Wilson. He is a good safety. Not a great defensive end. Not a great Wide Receiver. So today was hors d’oeuvres. The main battle is not even here yet. Plaxico, Osi and Stray are yelling “SHOW ME THE MONEY!” I hope Reese is listening.