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Some more good players, but empty at LBer

Day 3 saw the Giants grab 5 players.  Let’s quickly review them.

Round 4 (117) OT James Brewer
Pete: 96 Rank, 4 rating, “Big and Strong.  Not a super stud.  Can play on next level.  Can pass block sometimes, can run block pretty well.  Low risk and has potential.”
Wonder: 153 Rank, 5 rating, “Big and strong, has to play RT.  A little slow, strong and powerful, just another guy.  Giants could be a good fit because of power running, value in R5.”

Comment: Addresses need, the potential is there to see him not only make the roster as a backup but also be a starter.  Thumbs up.

Round 6 (185) LB Greg Jones
No comments from either, since neither had him on their board.  We solicited a comment from Wonder: “Too small for MLB and not fast enough for OLB.”

Comment:  See all of the other late Round LBer picks of the past 10 years for an indication of what is in store for us here.  Bust.

Round 6 (198) S Tyler Sash
Pete: 91 Rank, 5 rating.  “He’s a Strong Safety, In late R3 he can fill a need for the Colts.  Hits, decent to good cover.  Tackles.  Avg speed for a SS.  But he can play.”
Wonder: 92 Rank, 4 rating.  “Smooth good athlete.  INT’d a ton of balls over the course of his career, a Beledick kind of player.”

Comment:  SCORE!  Fills a need, tremendous value and live upside for such a later rounder.  As excited about a later round pick as I have been in quite some time.

Round 6 (202) LB Jacquian Williams
No comments from either, since neither had him on their board.  We solicited a comment from Wonder: “Worthless.”

Comment:  Another late round LBer bust.  Deja Blue. 

Round 7 (221) RB Da’Rel Scott
Once again, no comments pre-draft, “Scatback, but basically worthless.” edited, 5/3/11, AF, he was on Wonder’s Board at 104, a 5 backup.

Summary:  The Giants found two guys on Day 3, Sash and Brewer.  The Giants overall were able to collect 5 players that will make this roster and contribute.  Those are Amukamara, Austin, Jernigan, Brewer and Sash.  Sash helped solidify this draft a little bit by addressing a need late.  A shame that they once again could not get a LB.  Just one good LBer and we would have been much more upbeat.  Let’s keep our feet on the ground and remember that overall, the team did not address TE, RB and LB.  And Brewer, although serviceable, is not an immediate replacement for McKenzie.  Jernigan, for his part, did target need in special teams and we hope he can be an answer there.

Reese will have to find a LBer in free agency.  Rent-A-LBer continues.  IF we are able to find a LBer through the open market and keep our OLmen healthy for a season, we can be competitive.  But asking a bunch of older men on OL to remain healthy is a tall order, and for LBer we’ll have to wait.  The Giants definitely got better in the locker room.  It is just a little too lumpy on the field, where we need a lot of help at 3 positions.