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Super Bowl XLII masked a dysfunctional organization

It is a huge mistake to assume that only money dictates where most players want to play.

  Every player is his own man and many are directed solely by an agent. Some have inflated opinions of themselves and some of the less experienced sell themselves too cheap. Some are trouble which is never good while others talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

 It is eminently important that a player wants to play for a given team. As Andy said,”player’s talk to each other.”

  Do not belittle the fact that these people have mostly been treated like thoroughbred horses most of their life. A big part of being a player is respect for the organization and his teammates. Most importantly, is to develop trust and respect for the GM, the head coach, a position coach, and all the way up to the owner. 

 If an organization is fluid, smart and honest, there is a bond that develops which is essential and obvious on the good teams.

  I would contrast the Pats vs the Giants.  Bill Belichick is a tough guy.  He demands a lot from his players. His system is what it is. You must accept that and play the way he tells you to or you are not a Patriot. Randy Moss, Ocho Cinco, and Fat Albert if your conduct is unbecoming. You are gone.   The fact is,that I have never heard anyone say they didn’t want to play for Bill and a number of “bad boys” have gone there and flourished. The same can be said of the Steelers, Colts and the Eagles.

  No one except for the likes of a Sean Payton,”Spags”, John Harbaugh in Baltimore, Polian and Dungy in Indy, Walsh, Lombardi, Landry, Grant in Minny and Don Shula  are now or have demonstrated the “chops to” create the environment,the unity,the discipline that it takes to win. 

It is important to note that each of these head coaches had a G.M. And an owner who did the job required for greatness. Andy Reid has NOT been able to establish that kind of team although,he may be ready now. The owner and the GM in Philly obviously are getting it done now so,it isn’t just money that breeds success. It is a solid organization all working together with one common goal. That goal is to win. That goal is to plan,sometimes for years to build that team and in today’s game taking advantage of the draft and free agency are absolutes. One has to wonder how the Eagles were able to master the roster to allow for the free agent signings this year. The Eagles also move aggressively as in trading a number of high priced players  who have some value but are close to the end or not worth what they demand.

Belichick does this every year. He traded away the likes of Seymour,he brings in an experienced guy who can help for awhile.  The Pats draft aggressively and it is not an accident that they always have multiple picks in every draft.

  I refer to their all-pro guard this year as the way to handle the job. Mankins wanted a new contract as he is a premier player in this league. One heard few tirades out of Mankins and none from the Pats. Ultimately, Mankins remains a Patriot.

  Compare this to how the Giants behave. The way they treat their players as witnessed by the total breakdowns since the one “miracle” season.
 The Giants knew that the offensive line was old, prone to injury and at the end of a careers. The Giants have had no plan.  Certainly, they could have prepared by making trades while they could get value in return.

Incredulously, why did they not restructure Eli’s contract to save millions and have room to operate? Why did they let Boss and Smith go and get nothing in return?  It might have been a lot smarter to sign them and or trade them. At least, they could have gotten something in return.

  We know about Coughlin. His outdated and destructive military manner does not serve this team. And  he arguably has one of the worst  coaching staffs in the game.  In my opinion, they got lucky with “Spags” and should have done “anything to keep him” He is “one of those guys and he is proving it in St. Louis. Players want to go there as they believe that “the coach” is great, honest and cares about them as more than a slab of meat.

After reading about the Steve Smith blunder, it has become much clearer to me, the Giants are a totally dysfunctional organization. They posses  “NONE” of all that I have said. We all loved Jerry Reese because of the 07 draft. We have since learned that he hurt this team badly in free agency, has NO relationship with his players, has a “who cares” attitude and would humiliate the very players that made him. He is aloof and now he,like Coughlin and Hanlon is lambasting the fans. It is a rare display of ignorance, pomposity, arrogance  and immaturity to conduct this incredibly destructive, moronic child’s game with the “men” who have given you everything.

  Boss and Smith were demeaned or felt that way ala Reese and Mara. Coughlin’s reaction to the Smith fiasco makes clear how bad things really are. Kevin Boss seemed very relieved to leave which is a statement. Osi has been brutalized,lied to and “punished” for things he did not do and demeaned for the great years he has given us. He had a great season and he is 29. He has 3-4 more years left and he wants a contract that reflects his value to the team. What he has done for this team: last season his team high 11 and one-half sacks plus all the turnovers he created. The last time I checked that is neither selfish nor a crime.