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It is a secret, but we have been saying for a while now that Corey Webster is playing great at corner. Need any evidence? How about this. #1 in the NFL in passes defensed. Nice company on that list. I am attempting to get more granularity on corner stats, ie yds per throw, % completions, but we know what we see.

Moss, Fitzgerald/Boldin, Mason, Jackson, Owens, Ward… he draws all of them, not every single play, but he gets the toughest assignment on almost all of the snaps.

On the blown up bubble screen this past week, that was Webster getting Pierce to alert everyone else of what was coming, thanks Justin.

Thursday Sep 4: “Webster played well.”
Sunday Sep 14: “Webster and Ross were good.”
Sunday Oct 5: “Webster/Ross. One looked better than the other.”
Monday Oct 13: “Misc-Webster is playing very well.”
Sunday Nov 2: “Quietly all year Webster has done a great job at corner.”
Thursday Nov 6: “I got Wonder to concede that ‘Webster is playing ok.’ “
Monday Nov 10: “I know Webster got beat on one play late, but I really like the way he is playing.”
Sunday Nov 23: “And then there are the players you simply do not hear from, like Corey Webster. The silence is deafening. He is anchoring the entire secondary right now because he is quietly shutting it down. Against the best.”
Sunday Nov 30: “… and Corey Webster is making a big difference to the team on defense. The silence from his receiver (Santana Moss), yet again deafening.”

Can you imagine how good this defense can be if Robbins can come back healthy?!!! Between that pass rush getting its swagger back when he gets that push up the middle to having a strong cornerback in Webster, this team will be very tough.