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Steve Smith out for 2 weeks

We all would like to think we have an understanding of where the team is, and then the injuries come.

O’Hara could be out as many as 8 weeks.  Koets was placed on season-ending IR.

Smith will miss Dallas and (most likely) Philadelphia.  He was injured this week in practice.  We have to be alert for him possibly being out/ineffective for an extended period of time. 

Diehl is missing the first game/s of his career.

Steve Smith is Eli’s security blanket.  Toomer was Eli’s go to guy in 2006. Smith has taken over this role.  Who is going to take over as the third down receiver?   When Toomer went down in 2006,  Eli foundered.

Kevin Boss’s production has gone down this year, owing to other factors, including his own early season injury. The answer for Eli on 3rd down may be the TE, including both Boss and Beckum.  This site has talked about Bradshaw in space.  There is little reason why a guy like #44 can’t be the Kevin Faulk 3rd down answer underneath, breaking the first tackle and moving the sticks.

It is no secret that this blog has been openly critical of Kevin Gilbride.  One of the complaints is adjustments.  When Plaxico went down in 2008, Gilbride had enough other weapons to make the necessary adjustments, yet did not make them.  Injuries are a part of this business.  Adjustments are not only part of the coach’s job description, they are a necessity for survival in the NFL.  Without Smith (/ineffective), let’s see Gilbride do his job and put Eli in a position to move those chains. 

 They may not be household names, but just like guys like Diehl, Koets, O’Hara, Beatty and Kiwanuka, these linemen are needed for a title.  Let’s hope that the Giants’ remain in contention despite these sudden losses.