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Steve Spagnuolo rumored to be done in St. Louis

Steve Spagnuolo is rumored to be gone after the season ends this weekend.

How many times have we seen it, where a new head coach comes in somewhere and doesn’t get it done?!  Who was responsible?  Was it him?  Was it management?  Can injuries be purely blamed for it?  Politics? OR, was the coach simply a less effective leader in his new position than he was as a coordinator beforehand?

I cannot speak to what happened to Spagnuolo at St. Louis.  He was doing fine, got them back to 7-9 respectability in 2010 before the team’s performance sagged once again in 2011.

What we can all speak to is how his aggressive schemes leveraged the talent of the defense.  He reinvigorated the career of Corey Webster, instilling in him a sorely needed confidence that was previously destroyed by Lewis.  How many of you think we could have won 4 straight games for Super Bowl XLII without Webster, or for that matter Spagnuolo?

Now there is talk that he may go back to Philadelphia.  NO.  POSITIVELY ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLY NO.  He would be a great addition back in NY because there are more than a few players that would already be familiar with his defense.  Terrell Thomas, coming off an ACL tear, was a rookie in 2008 with Spags.  Ross and Webster could get a career booster with more press coverage.  Spags and Rolle would be a very good fit in my opinion.  JPP would fit right in as the edge rusher. 

Pay the man.  Get him back.  Promise him a monster bonus for being ANY coach of the Giants if we get another Super Bowl title. 

Separately, in other news, Osi is back in practice.  His contract is up [correction: at the end of 2012], so he has to audition on film for the other 31 teams.