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Stop the idea of more playoff games NOW

So here comes Mike Ditka with a reasonably quick conclusion that Goodell’s idea about an 18 game season is completely at odds with his agenda for improved player safety.  Yep.  We have taken Goodell to task for his fundamentally flawed views before.  The fact that the 18 game season is inconsistent again through this line of thinking is just more evidence that Goodell has sold out.

But not so fast, Mr. Ditka.  Just because you do a good job in keeping Goodell exposed doesn’t mean the rest of what you are saying is on firm ground.  “If you want to increase the season, add a couple playoff teams, fine,” Ditka said. WRONG!  INCORRECT.

Yes, Mr. Ditka, you just got finished saying that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix.  Well, why do they have to “fix” the number of teams and rounds of the playoffs if the # of games was fine?  The answer is that they do not have to increase the playoffs either.

Just like adding 2 more games to the regular season waters down the regular season, adding more playoffs… WATERS DOWN THE REGULAR SEASON.  The current playoff system allows 12 teams in, 37.5% of the league.  If you let in another 4 teams, it is 50%.  That is ridiculous.  Plenty of people were upset that the 7-9 Seahawks made it into the playoffs.  What do you think you’ll get by letting more teams in and expanding the playoffs?!  Let the playoffs stay exactly where they are.  Let the two tiered system force Green Bay to win an extra game through the wild card.  And do not demean the regular season by letting in 50% of the league into the post-season.   

Professional sports is about competition.  Not everyone can be winners.  Let’s hold onto some standards of excellence and performance.  Without them, all we have left is one large preseason.