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Stretch the field

Two weeks ago vs the Bengals:
a lot of 8-9 men in the box
plenty of run calls for Jacobs
<10 yard passes mixed in

Yesterday vs the Seahawks:
7-8 men in the box
plenty of run calls for Jacobs
all kinds of passing plays mixed in

Not only was the offense more suited to the defenses being utilized, but most importantly the GIANTS STRETCHED THE FIELD. It was not as if the Bengals had Deion Sanders and Darrell Green back there. The Giants have the proven ability to throw the ball >20 yards to stretch the defense. Opposing defenses have to know you can and will test their manpower down the field, softening up the shorter routes and the running game as well. Not rocket science. You know all of this. Some others sometimes take a few extra quarters to remember.

Phil Simms argues this point all the time, sounds like another ‘Rule’ is coming.