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Super Bowl Preview

Today we preview Super Bowl XLIV: Indianapolis Colts vs the New Orleans Saints

A while back we discussed the league’s quarterbacks and Wonder said that Peyton Manning was the #1 QB with Drew Brees #1A.  The only difference between the two, he went on to say, was that Manning could handle the pressure/blitz packages better than Brees, but that essentially they are both terrific QBs.  We bring this point up now in discussing the Super Bowl because the next step in previewing this game is.. how do you throw off the timing of these great QBs?


Dwight Freeny, who has been hobbled by an ankle, is not 100% and was not practicing.  As a speed rusher, how effective can he be on a bad ankle?  He said he is feeling a little better.  If he is feeling a lot better by Sunday, that’s a huge help to the Colts.


This game is not really about offense.  If there is any issue at all on offense, it is about the Saints needing to run the ball a little more so than the Colts.  So Thomas/Bush become more important to simply keep the Colts defense honest enough to respect the run.  The Saints do not have to run well, they just have to be able to get 4 unexciting yards per carry.  They’ll will have success when they do not have a great running game, but they’ll have more success when that part of the offense is functioning.  This is why the lowest common denominator goes back to that defensive pass pressure/pass rush.  We have said this before here on UltimateNYG- rush Brees up the middle and crush that pocket.  He does not like his passing lanes to be blocked.  And he needs to see downfield because he is not that tall a QB.

Wonder: Colts 34-31 or Colts 31-27, something like that. (ie Colts win but do not cover.)

Andy: I felt after the Colts-Ravens playoff win that the Colts were beatable.  Nothing profound here- the Saints can win with their ‘A’ game, the Colts WILL win with their ‘A’ game.  BUT, the question is whether we see the Colts’ ‘A’ game.  I am not convinced we will.  The rest helps the Saints.  They are a track meet team who has done well each time they had rest.  All of the pundits are picking the Colts… I’ll take the Saints (Saints cover and have a respectable shot at winning the game).  No going on ‘record’ with a strong prediction.  I’m really just rooting for a competitive game.  I think we get that and more.