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Super Bowl XLV: Pack vs Steelers

Congrats to the Steelers and Packers for making it to Dallas.

In the first half of both Conference Championships, two major things happened. Cutler got injured and the Jets did not show up.  Both underdogs dug huge holes for themselves and neither could fully climb out.  None of these four teams were particularly impressive.  Both games were hard fought but there were enough mistakes from all 4 squads to remind us that 2011 is wide open again in the Not For Long, also known as the NFL.  If they even play in 2011.  

There are a few players that I watched this weekend who are truly deserving of a ring.  I am thinking of Brian Urlacher and LaDainian Tomlinson.  Another is Aaron Rodgers.  He threw 2 picks, but still played well enough to win.  When Interviewed after the game, this class act football player graciously saluted his opponent and deferred all credit to his defense. 

The Steelers and Packers have 9 Super Bowl titles between them and by this time two weeks from now they will have 10.  Now that is how you keep score.