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TE Tony Gonzalez to the Giants?

Chiefs and Giants have been talking about trading a draft pick for Tony Gonzalez. Either way, we’ll know by Tuesday.

I’d do it for a 4th rounder because he gives us the depth and insurance that we do not have at the position. Remember, our 4th rounder is like a 5th rounder from all others because our record at this point is likely to send the draft slot to near bottom.

Devil’s advocate: The best reason not to overpay here is that Gilbride is a serial underutilizer of the TE position. If Boss gets hurt, just use more of Hixon/Smith/Bradshaw as receiving options.

Gonzalez is quality, he has 21 receptions this season, he is under contract, he still has 2+ seasons left in the tank. A late 4th rounder sounds reasonable to me, good insurance for Boss. All things being equal I would rather allocate resources at Left Tackle or Linebacker, but it is what it is. Reese’s offer of a 6th rounder means he is probably only thinking 5th rounder, which the Chiefs would be smart not to take.