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Terrell Thomas tears ACL

The Giants lost Terrell Thomas.  Again.  The range of emotions at this moment for this player, his teammates, the organization and its fans are wide and strong.  Thomas was such a big contributor to the team, so when he went down last preseason, it was a difficult loss.  Yet the Giants won a Super Bowl without him, a tremendous testament to the accomplishments of the rest of the team.  But to lose Thomas again is painful and sad on so many levels.  Why?  Because a healthy Thomas was going to be helpful to the defense in defending its title here in 2012.  More importantly, this CB was going to make the team that much more competitive in 2013, when Thomas would (more likely) get back to the form he had in 2008-2010.  His career is now threatened by this injury.

UltimateNYG loves the “steak” of its second round draft picks.  No glamour.  Just consistently solid play from great players who generally don’t get the attention of the R1 picks.  Guys like Webster, Thomas, Umenyiora, Sehorn, Toomer, Strahan, Jumbo Elliott, Snee… the list goes on and on.  Terrell Thomas led the team in tackles at CB for two consecutive seasons before getting hurt in August of 2011.  Injuries are a part of football, and the Giants will now count on Amukamara to pick up the slack.  Thomas may never have been a “star,” but Giants fans know that he was a key defensive player.  Remarkably, Thomas was not a part of XLII or XLVI, getting drafted a year after the 3rd title and missing the Super bowl run with the first ACL tear.  But make no mistake, a healthy Thomas would have made a difference for the team and he will be missed.