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The 2010 Draft: Defensive Backs

More talk about the Draft. We have covered a lot but there is so much more to go.

We have been and must be pretty general at this point because that is by definition what draft time is. The combine is coming up,Free Agency is coming up(such as it is) and cuts have already begun. Will it be Claussen or Bradford as the first quarterback chosen? Will the Rams go for the formidable Suh, the irrepressible  McCoy(the DT) or will they surprise and draft for the big void at QB? Of course they may not know yet and a trade is possible. The Lions got their quarterback but not too much else last year so,if they follow Andy and most of the folks who post here they will go for defense and pass on the few but very talented OG’s who will be there. 

All of this aside,tonight we will discuss the available defensive backs in the draft knowing that a lot can change if a free agent or two signs with a particular team. We will go at it as if this won’t happen (it will) and try and rate who is there and who will(may) be there when we choose. It is my opinion that we will wait until round 2 at the earliest to go D.B. because after the first few Berry, Haden, Thomas and who knows about Mays? My rankings are for now as follows.

(1) Eric Berry F.S. Tennessee 5′ 11″ 203lbs 4.4 forty.

This guy is one of the rare ones going in. He hits like a truck,he has good character,he runs a 4.4 and he has that intangible to be in the right place at the right time. Some rate him like a Ronnie Lott or a Palamoulo and that’s rarefied air. He should go at 3-5 which is very high for a d.b.

(2)Joe Haden Fla. 5’11” 190lbs. C.B. 4.42 forty.

Haden comes with a “can’t miss label but he is a Florida product and most do miss for some reason. I feel like a team with at least 3 first rounders should have played a lot better defense than the Gators did. Haden’s physical attributes are good and most project he won’t get past Cleveland at #7.

(3) Earl Thomas Texas c.b. 5’10” 195lbs 4.45 forty.

Before Taylor Mays messed up in Senior Bowl workouts he surely would be in the elite category. We however,must pay attention to the fact that most said he can’t cover and is a tweener not worthy of a high pick if second round makes you a bum. So,we Choose Earl Thomas from Texas who is highly rated although  middle to lat e first round looks to be where he will probably land. We’re gonna wait till the combine to refine this pick

(4) Patrick Robinson Fla State 5’11” 190lbs c.b 4.42 forty

This is  very solid guy. He played for Fla State which has been in turmoil for years and he excelled. He played for a good defensive coordinator and his stats and ability are superior. I need to see more but he may be late first round early second depending on how he does at the combine,

(5) Dominique Franks Oklahoma. This is where the talent gaps. The following guys are very good players and second or third round is a high probability. There will be a sleeper or two in here because the talent is big. Franks is a C.B. who is 6′ 192lbs. He is a tad slower with a 4.8 in the 40 but he is also a little taller and he comes from a well coached,excellent defense.

(6) Kyle Wilson Boise State cb 5’10” 190 lbs. 4.42 forty. This guy could be a real sleeper. Boise State plays big time football and he led the db’s if not the defense itself. Lot’s of talent and he will help someone. Early to mid second round.

(7) Chad Jones L.S.U. 6’3 230 lb’s 4.45 forty. Now this is the guy who intrigues me the most for the Giants. Actually,You can put Taylor Mays in here too. Big,fast,hits hard,good program and he hits. Mays is of a like size ans both play SS which is in my opinion what the Giants really need. I don’t know where Mays will go and I think Jones will go in the second round,maybe early to mid second. You gotta love the size and speed but can they cover in the Big Show?

There is a lot of talk that Carlos Dansby may be a Giant soon. The good news is he can play,he is an inside linebacker,he is u.fa. and he has said he wants to play for the Giants, Redskins or Dolphins. Dansby is a good player. He can help us. He won’t come cheap if he comes at all but the Giants shed4.5 million when they cut A.P. and pardon my logic but that would pay a big part if not all that Dansby will require. He is good enough that Arizona tagged him last year! He was their defensive captain and he WANTS to play in N.Y.

The rumor is that the Giants cut A.P. using  for a reason that he “technically” failed his physical. I don’t know what that means but it does have an aroma. It is time for A.P. to hang em up as neck injuries are just too dangerous. I just hope the Giants did him right as he deserves it.