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The City of Brotherly Love

1) Philly this weekend.  Back to face the team that beat the gmen in January.  It is still a good thing that Arizona beat the Eagles the following week and ended their season.  The only worse thing about losing prematurely last season would have been somehow simultaneously enabling the Eagles…  

That would have frankly been too much.

Now we are in 2009.  A new season. New horizons.  A new title to go after.  Hope springs eternal. 

The Giants are 5-2.  Parcells once stated (paraphrased) “you are what your record is.”  So at 5-2, the Giants are not dominant but they are still in a position to control their own destiny.  They can go to 6-2 and 3-0 within the division.  This is how you build toward the postseason, by winning games like this Sunday.  And it is well within the Giants’ grasp, says Wonder:

“This is a real SIMPLE week….PUT McNABB ON HIS A*…their OL is hurt and in shambles…DO NOT PLAY ZONE and give time…I don’t even care that our secondary (CC Brown) s*cks..MAN UP boys!!  Do your best to cover for a real SHORT period of time while we put their QB on his BUTT…also, RUN IT RIGHT DOWN THEIR THROAT w/ JACOBS…after a while of that, it will loosen up play-action (hopefully more than once per quarter)…and LEAD BRADSHAW out of the backfield when they have COVER 2 !!! have him “pass-block” and then check down to him…should be able to beat ANY defender 1 on 1 out in the flat….and Boss should be WIDE OPEN underneath !!!!”
The one thing I will be watching is how much of this toothless zone Sheridan plays.  Zone is what you do very infrequently just to confuse the QB and WRs.  Sheridan is calling it way too much for my taste.  Plus, if we see Webster with his typical success on DeSean Jackson in man, only to be followed by failure of the team in zone with Jackson running wild, that will spell trouble.  Adjust, DC, adjust.  
2) DC Sheridan speaks.  Laughing out loud about his remarks on screens.  Do you think he ever speaks to his fellow Coordinator Gilbride?
3) Jacobs comments on the same Philly pressure defense, 2009 edition.  Wonder remarked earlier this year that w/o veterans like S Dawkins and MLB Bradley, it has less teeth.  
7) Last, but not least… You all know my opinion of Philadelphia fans.  By far and away the biggest goons out there.  These are the people who needed a jail and a judge in the bowels of the Vet, the people who moon the bus of the opposing team on its way into the stadium for gameday.  So here is another example of the class act that is Philadephia, somehow amazingly caught on the nightly news.  Warning- some viewers might find this content objectionable.  (All Philly goon action is, to be fair, objectionable.. why is this night different from any other night?!)