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The Lucky Patriots

1)  “I said it to you earlier in the day, that  whoever is going to win the Ravens-Steelers game is going to have the most injuries,” said Wonder.  “And that is exactly what happened.  The Steelers entire OL and even some of their DBs are injured.  The Patriots are the freaking luckiest team in all of football.  They are going to beat the Jets now and will be able to roll over the mangled Steeler team that they will face the following week.

“It all started with that freaking ‘tuck rule” bs and then of course the Rams f’d up beyond all belief.  The Rams should have won by two TDs.  So lucky.  To win 3 Super Bowls by one FG.  Of course the Giants did beat them.  Thank God for small favors.”

Yep. We know Wonder is a Jet psycho who is a little bit paranoid about his arch-enemy, the Pats, but his take on “Beli-dick” is certainly interesting.  Belichick makes a lot of his own luck, legally or not.  Wonder incorrectly dismissed his Jets’ chances vs Peyton Manning.  Now he is dismissing them vs the heavily favored Patriots.  The Pats rate to win, but the Jets have a shot.. a better one than other teams this weekend.

2)  The NFL playoffs are survival of the less flawed.  Green Bay exposed Atlanta.  The Ravens weaker/aging defense was exposed.  The Steelers OL will be exposed next weekend.  The Jets lack of pass rush will likely be exposed today.  The Seahawks will be exposed a week later than they should have been.  The Bears will be exposed two weeks later than they should have been.  The Patriots defense is young and will be vulnerable to Rodgers.  At this moment in time it looks like it is going to be the Packers who are the ones who will be able to step up and grab it.  I will admit to being surprised that it is the Packers.  But the entire NFL was ripe for the picking this year.  The team who wins is it all is merely less flawed than the others.    

3) Did you see what the Packers did on first down after a turnover, up by 21 points with 11 minutes left in Q4?  It was a (play action I believe) pass for 14 yards and a first down.  The Pack were in attack mode because they had a 21 point lead in Q4 but there was more than enough time for the opponent… so they kept doing what they were doing and attacked.  The drive netted 5+ minutes and another FG.  Game on ICE.  A refreshing contrast to what other offenses can do with a 21 point lead in Q4.

4) Speaking about memos, did you notice all the screens we saw in the Pitt-Ravens playoff game? Pittsburgh (especially) brings a ton of pressure, and the Ravens passed/dumped the ball off to the RB to bypass and burn that pressure.  On one of the Ravens TDs, they used a draw.  Negate the pressure with Slants/Screens/Flares/Draws.