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The New York Giants’ Schedule in 2008

The two tough ones this year to peg for wins are AT CLE and AT PIT. With New Eli and Osi, we can win one or even both. At this moment I am not so sure we win EITHER.

WASH ..win
AT STL win
CINC ..win
SEA …win
AT CLE ….loss
SF ….win
AT PIT ….loss
DAL ……..loss
AT PHL ….loss
BAL …win
AT ARZ win
AT WSH ??? ???
PHL …win
AT DAL ….loss
CAR …win
AT MIN ….loss

I am not a big believer in new coaches in their first season. So the Giants have an oppty vs the Skins to sweep. If they do they can go 10-6. If they lose, they are 9-7.

Note how the first three games are against schlock, and the fourth is vs a team which should rate to lose to us on the road. So we will rate to be 4-0… a nice start. But this is the weakest part of the schedule, so DO NOT GET EXCITED simply because we got out of the blocks. Get excited if we see the NEW ELI. Get excited if we get “QUALITY WINS.”

The Eagles have a very weak schedule (AT CHI, ATL) with the right teams (CLE, PIT) at home. If the Eagles show up they are 11-5. If they have a good season they are 12-4 or 13-3. (If Westbrook goes down, kaput 8-8 again. I will assume the Eagles stay healthy and finish 2nd in the NFC East.)

Tomorrow, Wonder’s assessment around the NFL before the start of the NFL season.