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The NFL Salary Cap

1)  Salary Cap– the kind of topic that gets some blog time in the offseason when things slow down.  The article starts out well and then dies an ugly death by not using enough constructive arguments to support the hypothesis.  It was particularly disappointing to see a lack of discussion about the impact of rookies on the salary cap.  It used to be that getting a super high draft pick (like LT or Troy Aikman) could rebuild your franchise.  Instead, what it does is punish the weaker franchises by forcing them to allocate psychotic resources to unproven players who have not taken a single snap in the NFL.  We all debate the strengths and weaknesses of Eli Manning, but we do understand that the enormous investment has delivered a franchise QB.  Imagine if Manning was a Joey Harrington or Tim Couch?!  But even worse, imagine someone like Alex Smith, who many felt had promise.  None of that mattered when injuries completely derailed the investment the 49ers sunk into his black-hole shoulder.  The franchise has waited 5 years for a payoff.  Still waiting.  These are the reasons why there is an NFL underclass. 

You make these draft picks.  You sign the top 10 picks of each class to super expensive salaries with monster signing bonuses.  And the rest of the rookie class becomes a steal from a value perspective if they can make it in the NFL.  The cap hit that the Giants draft class of 2007 takes is peanuts. Starters: Ross, Smith, Boss, Johnson. Lots of playing time: Bradshaw. Roster: Alford (IR), DeOssie, Koets.  That is incredible.  If you want to understand the haves and have nots in the NFL, look at that draft class and start analyzing how the successful franchises draft well and survey the talent of other teams.

Examine front office moves like the signing of Justin Tuck to a contract extension before he hit free agency.  Let’s put this move in perspective: Tuck, who was signed for 5 years and $30M in 2008.  DeAngelo Hall, a cover 2 CB, signed for 7 years and $70M with the Raiders at the ~same time. It is not hard to fathom why certain teams struggle and others thrive.  And to put an exclamation point on Hall, the Redskins signed him to a 6 yr $54 Million deal.  TOO MUCH MONEY.  Too many resources squandered!     

2) Canty: “I’m day to day because I am getting very close.” He’s out this week, but the way he is talking, he could be activated  in and around the bye. There are only 2 more games before the bye.  If the Giants are conservative they will wait until after the bye.  But at least he’ll be back.