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The NY Giants are better

There is no doubt the Giants are a better football team.

There are questions that cannot and will not be answered until we “play ball”. My attitude about big blue the last year and a half bothered even me. At the end of last week, Glenn echoed Simms’ thoughts that the Giants are a team in transition.  He is right about what he is feeling because of the record and his refusal to be just a yes man. 

Glenn and I both suffered  through the 70’s. Suffering is putting it mildly. I traveled to summer camp a number of times and went to the Yale Bowl several times to have my heart broken. You don’t forget those times, as the impressions left on a young guy don’t just disappear. To this day I have a hard time “believing” we are going to win. Parcells and Young changed all of that  and a great feeling it was.

I got used to the Giants sending a team out that I knew was going to play it’s heart out and I loved the way they built the team. The Giants were a mixture of young guys, veterans and every year we brought in a player or three in a “rent a player” system that always seemed to work. We got a lot of mileage and a lot of wins with “good” players  with something left. We drafted well and if you didn’t play “Parcells” ball you hit the highway. Even the great Lawrence Taylor, who struggles off the field, NEVER was a problem on it. His problems surfaced and grew after he was done playing and usually he hurt only himself. Even 20 years later people like Simms, Carson, Banks, Marshall and others have and are doing good things. We never had many “great” players but we scored just enough, and my, did we play defense. Most games were exciting, even though we were a conservative team. It was the palpable passion of the coaches,the players and most of all the fans that just took you to a special place.

Frustration takes many forms. The last couple of years and the few years before “the miracle” were tough for me. Things weren’t working on every level and somehow we managed to win just enough to assure that we picked in the late 20’s. We weren’t good enough for that but,voila. We were taking one small step forward and several large ones back. The “miracle of ’07” brought us a championship, a real high but set us up for ’09. There were no real improvements and we lost Strahan and Spags.

I don’t know what Fewell will bring and yes, it does worry me. I am an attack guy and I don’t believe in a prevent defense. We’ll see what he brings and how he gets the players to respond. Eli is improving every year and the only surprise possible from Coughlin and Gilbride would have to be an improvement. Last year was about as low as it gets.

The Giants, in my opinion, had a good draft after round one. They are correcting the mistakes in free agency and what choice did they have? I don’t know what JPP will bring and I am on record as saying that this was a “nutso” pick. I will eat humble pie willingly if he is the 15th best player in the country. I love the one OL pick and I think the other guys will help. We don’t have a MLB who can cover, which is Goff’s big weakness.  Pierce arguably was a huge problem as he could no longer run. I am kind of excited to see how this plays out but, as Glenn said, it would be ’07 all over again if we do 10-6. I would be happy with that, playoffs or not. That will come if Reese performs and a few other changes are made.