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The Super Bowl Hangover

Last year when the Saints won the Super Bowl, we said in the offseason that it would be hard for them to repeat.  We cited the “Super Bowl Hangover” as the Saints’ fatal flaw.  On top of that phenomenon, the Saints were beset by significant injuries.  I am still stunned that they bowed out early in the Wild Card round.  They had the talent and the team to go all the way.  Yet they fell short, succombing (in part) to the dreaded SB hangover. 

All in all, the fatigue of that run in 2009 was clearly still present when Brees answered some postseason questions.  It is a pretty powerful reminder to hear such a great player openly and candidly admit: “I’m finally feeling that the ride from the 2009 Super Bowl is now ending, and now I have a chance to relax a bit. I need to recharge my batteries, both physically and mentally.”  That says a ton about the on-field and off-field pressures of winning a Super Bowl.  For starters, your season is 3-4 games longer.  Second, you are parading all over the planet in the following months, not to mention writing books and promoting them.  What does it say when this warrior says he needs to recharge his batteries?  It says the season is very long and not to underestimate all of the teams killing you week after week when you are the champ.  

Separately, will everyone wake up and remember that Peyton Manning is one of the greatest to ever play the game?!  His offense was decimated by injuries and he still would a playoff fighter if not for a special teams gaffe at the end to Cromartie.  Peyton Manning is one of the best Offensive Coordinators out there.  Rex Ryan has nothing but excessive praise for the guy.  Yet people like to trash the guy because he “only” has 1 ring.  He only had Bob Sanders once too.  Not a coincidence.  As we saw from Aaron Rodgers’ Packers, his defense came to his aid on more than one occasion during the playoffs to help him get a title.  To quote Fran Tarkenton, “QBs don’t win championships, teams win championships.”