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Any of you ever listen to Bill Maher ? he has a portion of his show he calls “NEW RULES”…well, here..ON MY BLOG, will be THE WONDER RULES…they may be amended from time to time, they may replaced or deleted..they may even from time to time be augmented..BUTTTTTTT, they WILLLLLLL be adhered to as long as I the GIANT KING!! capese ? sooooo:

1. We will NOT, under Any condition considering having a player on our team who either:
a. Quit on his team (football equiv to “pulling a Manny”)
b. Commited a seemingly, alledgedly, or actual unlawful or immoral act REGARDLESS of whether or not he gets off “scott-free”…where there’s smoke, there’s fire unless PROOF otherwise…so Michael Vick, Tank Johnson, PLAXICO, Pacman etal…GO HOME..LEAVE US ALONE
c. WHOSE actions make it clear that HIS desires, HIS ideas, HIS, HIS, HIS is above the good of the NYG !!! bye T.O. !!

Now, while these WONDER RULES may be applied to NFL players, they may ALSO, at the discretion of the scout and the degree of transgression of the student athelete, be similarly applied for draft purposes…with the ADDITIONAL weight of:

a. were you a team player who came to practices with RESPECT for the coaches and seemed to grasp WHAT is WAS they were trying to teach you..
b. did you actually come to college to LEARN something OTHER than football, and how has that impacted your studies, practices, perspective…did you graduate/or about to…
c. did you PRODUCE while you played…did you play hurt/are you tough/…were you a WINNER during a “high-pressure” bowl game…
d. did you have friends/family growing up…how did that impact you…

THESE are the Questions which consititute the WONDER DOCTRINE of “NFL ROSTER” imperatives…trust me, there are others, but we shall begin the off-season with this small sampling to let you know the basic WONDER philosophy…I’m not saying I’m always right..after all, wouldn’t you have wanted Antonio Bryant on your team this year ?? I’m just saying I’m sticking to my guns, right or wrong..I want SMART, DEDICATED, UNSELFISH F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L. players…of course I need to find TALENT, but those attributes will invariably make them a BETTER player for the team..so where do we get these guys :

1. WE do a THOROGH evaluation of every player on the team..NO ONE IS ABOVE REPROACH…in many cases, an organized, yet CALM HC and staff can criticize or point out a player’s shortcomings if they do so in a calm, PRIVATE, setting…do you really think ELI would be adverse to DAN MARINO or JOHN ELWAY spending a few weeks in the off-season doing NOTHING but showing ELI he MUST work on his footwork, specifically leading “thru” with your left foot “pointing” at your target…would Eli Object ? only a fool would object…and this scenario can go on and on for EVERY player on the team…LEARN THE OLD TRICKS FROM THE OLD DOGS !!!

2. WE do a CONSISTENT job of telling EVERYBODY on this team what their expectations on…DON’T CHANGE YOUR BASIC GAME PLAN except for external, debilitating forces…such as snowstorm, etc…Do NOT change b/c your afraid what they made do..NONSENSE…LINE UP and DARE them to BEAT YOU…if you’re really good at what you do, you’ve already the battle…now you just have to win the war…Players like to be CREATURES of HABIT…do NOT confuse them with relative nonsense that most likely will be irrelevant..

3. Now..the BIG ONE…we MUST give up the way we draft…in a league preaching mediocrity, one must be GREAT to approach Greatness…how , then, you ask ? you will find out NEXT blog when WONDER’S DRAFT RULES hit this blog..till then, go JINTS !!