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The top of the heap.

Sneak Preview from Wonder on who he has at #1….

Not a complete shock or surprise: Ndamukong Suh.

Wonder: “6’4″ 310 lbs., legs the size of tree trunks.  Mountain of a man. BEAST.  He can play 3-4 NT, he can play either side of DT in a 4-3.  Kris Jenkins, the all pro from the Jets, he is 360 lbs and is fat compared to Suh.  Suh is a faster, just as strong.  He has a work ethic and attitude to die for.  Run stopper and pass rusher.  Heck, he got 12-13 sacks playing against doubles and triples at Nebraska.  Suh is head and shoulders the best player in this draft and it is not even close.  He will make Warren Sapp look like a third stringer.”

The Rams do not need Suh.  They need SUH + TOO MANY PLAYERS.  So the Rams should trade out of this pick (the QBs aren’t good enough anyway) and get a lot of players.  This draft is deep but not top heavy.  SUH is the TOP, a quantum level above the rest. 

Who do the Rams trade this pick to?  They need a team that is established, that needs DL and does not need a lot of other players.  ANSWER: The Indianapolis Colts.  Peyton Manning has about 4-5 years left.  Freeney and Mathis have 3-4 years left.  So what good is the future of a lot of other players when you need to win NOW?!  Get the dominant Defensive Tackle you need and pay him what you need to in this uncapped year.  Spags needs the bodies, the Colts need the lineman. 

The Giants have too many needs to do a move like this.  They need not only DL but LBer, LBer, S (to insure Phillips), OL, RB.  So this kind of aggressiveness does not make sense here. 

But for the Colts, it does make sense.  It is the present (Colts) and the future (Rams).  Both teams really improve with this.  Polian did not want to trade up for the dome track meet WR last year (Harvin), so I doubt he will trade up that aggressively and go for Suh.  Perhaps the Rams do something (stupid) like taking the QB at #1, McCoy goes 2, maybe the Colts make the trade w Tampa Bay for Suh at #3.  That is far more manageable in terms of what would be required to move up and might get it done. 

As a Giants fan I do want to see Suh go to Spags because I do not want that beast on a good team.  Could you imagine this guy on the same DL with Freeney and Mathis?  Nightmare.  Let’s hope Polian is not thinking about mortgaging the future, which he needs to be doing by leveraging the present with Peyton.