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Thoughts on Tebow From the Giants’ Ivory Tower

Being a Giants fan is pretty great these days.  As usual all is quiet over at the Timex Center, just the way we like it. Of course you’ll have your usual suspects (that buddy of yours who thinks that they can do a better job than the GM)  who will complain about Reese’s lack of activity, because that is what they do. Let them be, because we know that the world championship isn’t won in the offseason.

Oh yeah… and they won their fourth Super Bowl. Business as usual.

For those who want a bit more off-season entertainment may I recommend that you take the 20-minute drive from the stadium over to Florham Park, where things are also business as usual.

Tannenbaum once again looks set on spending his offseason trying to catch lightning in a bottle. God forbid the man made a few moves that gave the impression that he was trying to BUILD a winner. Instead, he went out and did what has become the trademark of the Jets organization since they acquired Favre; make a splash in the media. SMH Mike, SMH.

Let us first thank Tannenbaum. Without you to serve as a contrast, we probably would never be able to appreciate just how great Jerry Reese has been over these last few years. 

So on to Tebow…

Listen, I know there are those out there who really get on Tebow. And while it still puzzles me as to why people are so adamant against him, they are entitled to their opinion. So the purpose of this isn’t to be a debate about whether or not he is any good. People are pretty set in their ways on this guy so there really isn’t much more to say in that sense. 

Just for the sake of getting it out there, I myself enjoy watching Tebow. And I do know this–there are far worse guys you can support. And while he flat out sucks at throwing the football (really no need to sugarcoat it), who knows, maybe, just maybe, this guy will improve. I’ve heard he works pretty hard….

Within a few years we will know the fate of Tebow’s NFL career path and there will certainly be some eating some crow, one way or another.

Until then let’s talk about what we do know. He isn’t a good passer, yet. No matter what though, he righted the Broncos ship and got them to the divisional round in what seemed to be like a lost season. Sure some of those wins were hard to explain and you can’t sustain success like that at this level. But at the end of the day, Tebow quarterbacked teams have won much more than they have lost and there is something to be said for that.

So what is his effect on the Jets going to be?

1. Locker Room Presence- Tim Tebow will help ease some of those concerns with the Jets locker room. People may think his arrival means even more chaos in the Jets locker room, but I disagree. His attitude is contagious. The guy is going to work, keep wokring, and then work some more. Others will surely take notice.
Of course you’ll still have your bushel of bad apples who will remain nameless. Hint: his name rhymes with Hantonio Solmes. The hope is though that the good will outweigh the bad. That the positive influence will take over the Jets locker room like it did in Denver, where it changed the culture last season. 

Brian Dawkins, a leader in Denver’s locker room had this to say on his twitter: @TimTebow, I wanna thank u, 4 wht u helped us do last year. On the field & off! I have NO doubt that u will B a blessing 4 the Jets!

So it’s very likely that Tebow’s presence can be a positive step on the road to repairing a fractured group. At the same time, his mere presence has the ability to create an uncomfortable situation for the Jets’ fourth-year QB

2. Good Pressure?- I’m not really sure this is the type of pressure that the Jets really wanted to put on Sanchez. Don’t get me wrong, they needed to put a boot up his ass. But this is the wrong kind of boot.

Perhaps Sanchez is ready to make the jump to a consistent, productive quarterback and maybe what he needed was a veteran passer who could put some heat on him and help him along the way. This move feels like quite the opposite.

With Tebow as his backup, Sanchez better be on his game because the burden will be on Sanchez to perform. Greater than it has ever been.

The problem is the pressure should be coming from a guy who is truly pushing Sanchez. An established quarterback who has proven that he can play some QB at the NFL level. Kyle Orton, David Garrard, Jason Campbell. All three of these guys were free agents this off-season who could have been serviceable backups had at an affordable rate. 

In Tebow’s case, the heat will most likely be coming from the media and the fans, not from what the coaches are seeing in practice reps. What is Sanchez going to think when there are calls for him to be replaced by a guy LESS accomplished than him?


I just don’t see the juice being worth the squeeze.

Nothing against Tebow, but the Jets should have used this off-season to right the ship after being knocked down to a low point after back to back appearances in the AFC title game. They had an opportunity to take the spotlight off of them, something they desperately needed to get back to winning. Out of the limelight they could have focused on things that matter like getting back to the playoffs.

Instead, the Jets have positioned themself to once again be the focus of the NFL, all season long. They managed to do so without being any closer to a world championship. If you ask me, this is literally the last thing that the Jets needed. I’m not going to come out here and say this move can’t and won’t work because quite frankly, it can and plus, who am I to say that?

What I do know is that the Jets are right back under the microscope, probably moreso then ever before. And no matter how they try to spin it, the Jets will be using two quarterbacks this season. Not the most supportive move for your quarterback who won four road playoff games in his first two seasons.

So as usual the Giants will continue to build a franchise that will hopefully keep them as close as possible to the NFL summit.

And as they do best the Jets continue to look to make a splash that will win them their version of a championship… a second appearance on HBO’s Hard Knocks.

Let the debate commence.