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Toomer Talk

Amani Toomer had some pretty eye-opening comments about all things Giant.

Toomer commented on his first trip to the SB and how it was the worst experience he had in all of sports.  He basically slammed Fassel for how poorly prepared and not focused they were for the game.  The defense came to Fassel the night before the game and lamented that they were the reason why they got to this point and that they should be announced before the game over the offense.  That symbolized “the lack of focus going into that game.”  

He remembers how the offense was so pissed off the night before the game over this issue.  His memories of the Fassel years was how the offense and the defense had the biggest rivalries between each other.  “That was the underlying theme in the Fassel era.”  There was so much animosity between the offense and defense and the biggest rivalries.
Great insight on their motivation and revenge factors going into the 2007 campaign.  “All we wanted to do was win.” Gives a lot of credit to Coughlin for emphasizing how important this moment was going to be in history, that it was an opportunity to make your mark. 
On Warner: “Not my favorite QB” because we only had 9 games together, but he was great because he took the time to communicate with his receivers, made sure you knew what he was thinking.  The locker room was split on Manning and Warner midway thru the 2004 season when Warner was pulled.  Considers Warner a Hall of Famer, took two organizations to the Super Bowl.
On Kerry Collins: “My favorite.  He got me the ball the most!”

On Super Bowl XLIV: The Saints have an advantage because their offense is more balanced.