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Training Camp Begins

With training camp about to begin, the Giants were not going to let themselves be held hostage by an Osi holdout.  So the Giants did the smart thing and they signed Kiwanuka.  Surely, if Umenyiora has figured it out, he won’t hold out unless he truly feels that it is a matter of principle and that Reese has forced his hand.  There seems to be a little bit of ego tinged in that route.  Speaking for this blog, we want Osi back.  But if Osi still wants to hold out, then trade him for something in return.  And do us a favor- if you must trade him, send him to the AFC so that Eli does not have to see him in his lap.

Probably the biggest news of Thursday was the deal made between AZ and the Eagles.  The Eagles traded Kolb for DRC and a R2 pick in 2012.  Whew, what a score for the Eagles.  The Cardinals may get themselves a decent QB, assuming Kolb can stay healthy, so we understand their desperation.  Now the Giants and the rest of the NFC East have to face Asante Samuel and DRC.  Woof.  And to make matters worse, Giant-killer Vince Young is now going to be backing up Vick.  Vick gets injured, so having Young is a good move.

Oh, btw, if Kolb does not hit the ground running in AZ and Whisenhunt somehow is cast out after 2011 (doubtful, but anything is possible), GET HIM. 

With the Eagles landing a totally different CB, this means the Jets are front-runners to land Asomugha.  We play the Jets this year, and I would not look forward to Asomugha and Revis on the same team.  Oh Lordy. 

How many people here would rather see Brad Maynard punting than Matt Dodge?

Do you think that players know who is in charge in New England?  Ask Randy Moss who is in charge.  So when we see Albert Haynesworth and Chad Ocho Cinco go to the Patriots, we know that those two headcases will be flying straight or they’ll be flying out of town on a one way ticket.  My bet is they’ll keep Wilfork at NT and move Haynesworth to DE.  How many people want to bet me that Haynesworth will pass his physical?!

Bear Pascoe did such an awesome job of replacing Madison Hedgecock that Hedgecock was barely missed.  Yesterday he was cut, and given his injury status, his career may very well be over.

With the Dolphins signing Reggie Bush, the chances for Bradshaw returning to the Giants seem much greater.

YES, in the only real good news from yesterday, De Sean Jackson is indeed holding out.  May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the Eagles’ armpits.