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Tuck Football Showdown + Intragame Comments


Sohdjinn: “I will pick the Giants to win and cover.”

Blueben: ” Hi guys, I’m submitting my final pick for the Tuck football pool: Giants win, but don’t cover vs. Washington.  Man, it’s been hard to predict these last few games, I felt really confident they could beat Philly and then they crumbled, then vs. Green Bay I thought they should win but didn’t trust that they would.  So I’m guessing they pull it out over Washington, but not by much.
I’ve been reading the blog every day of the season for a couple years now, thanks for the insight and clear, passionate analysis, and for a fun contest!  Let’s go Giants! [But yeah, we should probably fire Coughlin…]”

Bob: “My official pick is wash wins & covers.  I actually ” believe” the NYG will win this game.  However it appears the only way I can win this pool is with an upset. Therefore I am going with the long shot to win the ball.”

SOH (38) Giants win and cover -4.
BOB (40) Wash wins and covers +4.
BLUEBEN (42) Giants win and Wash covers +4.

    Soh (38) Bob (40)  Blueben (42)   Winner
Wash Wins Wash Covers 0 4 2 Tie (BB/Bob)
Giants Win Wash Covers 2 2 4 BlueBen
Giants Win Giants Cover 4 0 0 Tie (BB/Soh)
Giants Win 4 pts, No cover 2 0 2   BlueBen

If there is a tie, the two people tied will pick either the Giants game for next weekend or the NFC East game to break the tie.

Giants Inactives today: WEBSTER, Nicks, Tollefson, Calhoun, Ballard, O’Hara, Petrus, Meredith.