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Two Year Anniversary of Ultimatenyg NY Giants Blog

Today is the two year anniversary of the Ultimatenyg NY Giants blog. No cake or candles, but something better… the Giants vs the Redskins today at 1PM. We’ll do some Simms recap later this morning (note, posted behind this post, see below), but first some Burress circus.

There is a great deal of speculation swirling around #17. Some believe he has already played his last game as a NY Giant. There are a myriad number of possibilities, ranging from criminal charges, NFL suspension, contract nullification, or something much less. With Goodell attempting to take a firm stance on these types of matters, and with NY Giants team disciplinary history already there, do not expect the Giants to offer Burress protection. They are an organization who not only plays by the rules, they do not like it when others try to skirt them. So I look for the Giants to seek redress at some point on his bonus and look to trade/cut him.

As we await more details of the incident, I find it at the very least alarming and at worst damning that his wife would not allow the police into their house for questioning.

We are not in the business of well-adjusted human beings:” Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of the Giants administration. They have dealt with him holding out of minicamp, a training camp slowdown, missed meetings, one game suspension, domestic disturbances, disciplinary benching for first quarter of a game. The Seinfeld yada yada yada. Now guns and gunshots. At some point they have to cut the cord. Time to move on without anymore sideshow distractions than necessary. Would you have someone working for YOU with this track record?

The Giants organization has the most patience of ANY TEAM in the entire league. I do not want to hear it for one second from anyone that the Giants were wrong in parting ways if and when they do. The gmen are saints for all I am concerned; they gave this man way many more chances than he deserved BEFORE AND BECAUSE he helped them win a championship. All they have to show for their noble efforts is an employee who continues to disrespect them and himself. Next.

Oh, one last thing to all other teams in the NFL- if you think you are going to do something better by bottomfeeding a la Jones for Pacman, think again. There isn’t an organization who could have done it any better than the Giants. Drew Rosenhaus calling Al Davis, come in Al Davis.

ADDENDUM 8:30AM- waking up to hear that Pierce was involved. Anyone with any legal expertise please comment on whether his attorney will be able to ‘stave off criminal charges’ for being an accessory. Ugly, all of this.