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Ultimate22 is going to be a vast majority of the coverage for this NY Giants blog in 2012, breaking down film of every Giant player on every play on offense and defense. 

We have gotten feedback via the comments here, through email and friends.  Everyone is excited about the objective information we will be able to collect and share with the blog.  And many also ask about the general analysis and discussion we have about the team.  That discussion on our end is mostly going to come from what we can objectively glean from the film work.  It does not mean that Ultimate22 is going to be 100% of the content, but it does mean that it will be try to be a good portion of it.  

A great deal of work will be required for Ultimate22 in order to do it right.  65 plays on each side of the ball X 11 players per play means over 1400 player plays per game to grade and collect. Then we have to cross reference every play for run/pass, down and distance, playcall, outcome, playing conditions and other data descriptor fields.  The result will be a treasure trove of information, but doing all of this work will mean much less content on non-Ultimate22 discussion on this side of the blog.  That doesn’t mean the team won’t be discussed, but (as an example) it does mean that instead of me writing my lengthy and detailed recaps, the time and effort is going to be placed with the analytical and objective review thru Ultimate22.

We have assembled a group of 10 people to break down film.  If you would like to lend a hand and make a commitment to this effort, let us know.  This is a tremendous amount of work that we are taking on, so if we can spread it around with some extra support, all the better.  

By now you have been reminded a few times that we think that OL, specifically OT, is the most critical position this year for the Giants.  There will be extra value for us to see the grades of Beatty and Diehl, or even more importantly, Beatty’s replacement.  When we are watching the game, it is next to impossible to watch a single position (beyond QB) for more than a fraction of the plays.  We are looking forward to having every position captured and scored.  This report won’t be coming on Monday morning, but it will come out through the week after each game.  And after the fourth game of the season, the data will be even more valuable as we begin to track the trends.  Tom Coughlin preaches improvement throughout the season.  We will get to see where there is improvement and where there is not improvement. It should be a very interesting season.