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With the 15th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Giants select…

Sergio Kindle,  LB Texas.

I am sending a message after 26 years without a #1 LBer that the Giants defense is going to rebuild with a LBer. 

Names that were closely considered included Taylor Mays and Sean Weatherspoon.  Wrt Weatherspoon, we cannot trade down.  Irish noted the tradedown and take Weatherspoon.  That is a very real and viable choice.  But at 15 in a mock you cannot take Weatherspoon.  Taylor Mays is intriguing because he can potentially play a LBer role.

Listen to the group of contributors of UltimateNYG, who all spoke independently…

Wonder: “If you want LBer at this spot, the choices are Daryl Washington for a solid pro, or Sergio Kindle for the possible Homerun.  Washington is a little too much of a reach at 15.  Kindle fits the spot.  There have been different reports on Kindle’s weight.  250? 236?  He looks lean on film.  He has a body that can fill out, get some weight, some muscle with a strength and conditioning coach.  Together with his speed, he has the potential to be very special.  So what it boils down to at 15 is Washington for something safe and Kindle for something with explosive upside.”

Pete: “It’s Sergio Kindle.” (see link for discussion from Feb 23, 2010)

Motown: “I personally don’t think they will pick at 15.  They will move up or down as the value doesn’t appear to be there, especially for their needs.  If I had to pick based on value and locked in at 15 it would be Brandon Graham, OLB Michigan.  He has the most athletic upside and versatility that Reese appears to covet.  The kid has the speed to drop in coverage, rush off the edge and big enough (268 lbs.) to hold up against the run.”

Glenn: “It is going to be Taylor Mays.  After the season was over, Giants need good tackers and speed.  Mays fits this bill. I think the Giants may use him at linebacker. He will be involved in covering opposing teams TE and backs.  Remember your post this year about TE killing us?!!  Down here in NO, they keep showing Shockey scoring a TD. Who was guarding him?  Clark.  Who was guarding Brent Celek when he caught a TD against the G-men in their playoff game?  Clark.  Enough of Clark. We need a guy like Mays.”

Summary:  It has been 26 years since the Giants took a #1 LBer.  Carl Banks!  That is insane.  I may be trying to fit a square peg into a round hole here at 15 with the LBer, but Kindle fits well enough for me.  I want potential.  31 teams lose.  Shoot the moon.  Wonder: “If you want to shoot the moon, then Kindle is your guy.  He has the most upside.” These mocks are full of inefficiencies.  The idea of getting a Weatherspoon LBer later in Round 1 (or Washington, Graham or Hughes) and another #2 for trading down is perfect.  But we are not allowed to do that here.  Mays also addresses need and gives the Giants some much needed speed for their defense.  He may not have enough speed at Safety but he has enough speed at LBer.