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UltimateNYG NY Giants Blog for the 2012 Season

UltimateNYG has been an award winning NY Giants blog because it innovates to provide objective insight into the Giants and the NFL.  In continuation of that innovation, for 2012 we will be breaking down film and grading every Giants player for each snap on defense and offense during the season.  The information collected will be shared with the blog through the week and objective observations will be made about players and positional units.  As the season progresses, much more information will become available for us to analyze and share with readers.  Situational data will be collected and compared.  As an example, we will have data on precisely how each player and each unit performed in passing downs, or in play action.  With all players being graded on all plays, we’ll be able to quantify who are making big plays and who are not.

This new blog format is being made possible by the “All 22,” video that is going to be available which shows the play of all players on every snap.  With greater access to this media, it affords us the opportunity to learn more about each player. 

All players have their good and their bad moments.  Hopefully the good outweigh the bad, but by how much?  Anecdotally, last year we watched as Kareem McKenzie did not play through the whistle on every play.  But was his overall play able to compensate for these occasional transgressions?  McKenzie was a great free agent signing for the Giants in 2005.  He helped the team win two titles. But his age showed as the season (and individual games) wore on.  An experienced veteran, he tried to conserve energy so that he could be effective through 60 minutes.  But McKenzie occasionally got caught for releasing his block before the play was over, and the result was more than a few unnecessary problems for Eli and the passing game.  McKenzie is no longer a Giant, but quantitatively we will be able to catch these lapses, as well as the good plays made by rising stars like Jason Pierre Paul and Victor Cruz.  We’ll be able to track the rededicated efforts of Justin Tuck.  We’ll be able to follow promising rookies on a per snap basis to normalize data for effectiveness when on the field.

UltimateNYG will still be commenting on the team in the traditional way, but with much more emphasis on this new format.  The community of Giants fans will be able to discuss the team with greater insight into who is doing what and under what playing conditions.  We look forward to a great 2012 season with you and our Super Bowl XLVI champions.