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Update on the Draft Project

We are 5 weeks away from the 2010 NFL Draft.  Our Draft Project at UltimateNYG is doing groundbreaking work.

To refresh any late comers, please review the concept of the Draft Project.  It is intensive in scope and has a number of powerful features:

1) It will rate players on expectation of the level they will achieve as a pro.

2) By standardizing the levels with consistent grading across all positions, players can be compared to one another seamlessly across the draft.

3) By rating players on their expected level attained as a professional, we’ll be able to measure each year’s draft against other years for relative strength or weakness of the overall class year.

4) By clearly and concisely stating the expected level that a player attains, the draft analyst will now be able to be judged using the same objective metrics that we are rating with the players.

5) The Draft Project is being run for the purpose of informing all visitors to UltimateNYG of draft value as seen by its analysts. 

6) The Draft Project welcomes all entries from the public at-large to find and display the unique talents of football fans who lack traditional credentials.  We look to find and herald amateur analysts who deserve a forum and deserve the opportunity to be borne out over time.  

7) By using a methodology that is objective, we aim to raise the standards of talent evaluation.  There will always be art in draft analysis.  Now we will be able to identify the artists that are performing their function and those that are not.

I have been working closely with Wonder to classify every player believed to be in the Top 200 of this draft class.  It is a daunting task that requires a great deal of time.  I hope and trust that he, Pete and all public entrants are afforded an adequate amount of recognition for the work they are putting into this.  If any and all of them are not able to produce satisfactory results, it will be a matter of record.  Successful prediction will be honored and singled out.  It is the goal of this blog to verify the work that is put out and this project stands as a testament to that effort. 

We may be able to glean other conclusions as well.  All work will be submitted independently.  While Pete has been posting, Wonder has not been reading Pete’s eval.  Yet both have (to varying degrees) panned Brandon Spikes.  We may find out that two evaluators may not be right if they both LIKE a guy, but if they both DISLIKE a guy, that that may be more statistically relevant.  So we believe there are going to be more than a few benefits which will come from this effort.  And maybe they are both wrong too.  We’ll find out. 

As a reminder, anyone interested in submitting a list of their Top 100 or Top 200 players should contact me.  If you want to get recognition for your abilities, this is the way to do it.  The deadline for submission of your rankings (1-100,200) and ratings (1-7) will be March 30th.  We’ve got some commenters who can talk the talk.  Can you walk the walk?  This can be your platform too if you are up to the task.  We want the best draft analysts for this blog- competition and verification will bring it out.