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Vonta Leach

The Giants cannot let him slip away.


Texans fullback Vonta Leach is a free agent again.  Recall, back in 2007,  the Giants signed Leach to a four year offer sheet.  However, after careful consideration, the Texans decided to match the Giants offer.  Four years later,  it appears, the Texans do not plan on retaining him.  According to ProFootball Weekly, the Texans will attempt to re-sign Leach, but his asking price — the All-Pro wants to be the highest-paid fullback in the league — likely will be too high for a club that throws the ball as frequently as Houston does.
Houston’s loss will be the Giants gain.  Leach would be a perfect fit for the Giants.  And here is why:

1.  Coming off an All-Pro season,  Leach would help out the Giants ground game.  Despite Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs posting impressive rushing numbers ( the Giants were 6th in the league in rushing),  they had difficulty running the ball when it counted- the four minute offense.  Back in March, Giants head coach Tom Coughlin alluded to his offensive unit’s inability to salt games away.  “There were times we didn’t run the ball the way we say we can run the ball or want to run the ball.”  For example, when the game was on the line against the Eagles at PSL Stadium, the Giants offense did not bail out their defense.  The Giants were clinging to a precarious 31-24 lead with four minutes left in the game.  Much to the dismay of Giants fans, the Giants offense could not run out the clock.  Philadelphia burned their second timeout with 4:02 left in the game.  And the Giants had the ball on the Eagles 42 yard line.  Get a first down here and the game is over.  But the Giants drive snarled. 

1-10-PHI 42 (4:02) 44-A.Bradshaw left end to PHI 38 for 4 yards (58-T.Cole).

  • Timeout #3 by PHI at 03:56.
  • 2-6-PHI 38 (3:56) PENALTY on NYG-66-D.Diehl, False Start, 5 yards, enforced at PHI 38 – No Play.
  • 2-11-PHI 43 (3:56) (Shotgun) 44-A.Bradshaw right tackle to PHI 40 for 3 yards (98-M.Patterson, 58-T.Cole).
  • 3-8-PHI 40 (3:13) (Shotgun) 10-E.Manning pass incomplete short left to 85-D.Hagan.
  • Clearly, Diehl’s blunder played a role in the Giants not converting a first down.  However, a team ranked in the top 10 in rushing should of been able to put this game away.  Unfortunately, Coughlin decided to punt and the rest is history.

    2.  The Giants bread and butter running play is the 36/37 Power BOB.  Andy Barall, New York Times Fifth Down blog historian, wrote an article explaining this running play.  BOB stands for back on backer.  This means the fullback on the middle linebacker.  Barall writes: The play is designed to isolate the linebacker so the fullback can block him one-on-one. The fullback should fire out from his stance and stay as low as possible, with his elbows close to his body to avoid any wasted motion. His aiming point is dead center, just below the linebacker’s shoulder pads. He should quickly get up to full speed, come under control and explode into the defender as if he were trying to lift him. Pascoe, with very little experience at fullback, did a better job against the Lions than he did against the Texans, primarily by getting lower and keeping his feet moving after the first strike at the linebacker.  Furthermore,  NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock dissects this play too.  Nevertheless,  with the BOB being the Giants favorite running play,  having Leach as fullback will only make the Giants better.

    3.  The Giants did not address the tight end position in the Draft.  Are the Giants planning on moving Bear Pascoe back to TE?  Maybe.  Pascoe is an exclusive rights free agent.  The Giants tendered him back in March.  We can surmise the Giants would dump fullback Madison Hedgecock.  Move Pascoe back to TE.  And sign Leach.

    4.  Leach on Leach:  “I played in the league long enough to know when writing is on the wall If i played my last game as a Texan I enjoyed my 5 years” and “First I want to address my contract situation. I’d love to stay w/ the Texans,but front office wants to go in different (direction). Me nor my agent have spoke w/ them since my agent met w/ Chris Olsen at combine (they talk to all agents at combine).”  

    Sure sounds like Leach is not going to remain a Texan.  Undoubtedly, he would be a Giant upgrade because he can help on special teams as well.