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WAS 23 NYG 10

Pathetic.  Embarrassing.  Horrible.  Ugly.  Disgraceful.

Are these words familiar?  It is December in the Meadowlands, so it must be Tom Coughlin pulling another boner. 

In 2008 it was the Eagles loss where Gilbride was taken to school.  Never mind that 5 weeks later the braindead OC could not make any adjustments and lost again to the Eagles.  In 2009, it was the Panthers loss as they closed the stadium.  In 2010, it was the 31-10 lead blown to the Eagles.  And now in 2011 it is the stench of a Washington loss where the Giants didn’t show up to play football.

What do all of these games have in common?  The Giants were playing very winnable games as home favorites and were in a position to seal up playoff appearances.  They were not ready to play and got beaten handily in each contest.  Oh, and Tom Coughlin was the head coach.

A few weeks back, we observed the pattern that the Giants play better as underdogs and underachieve as favorites.  That pattern was alive and well today.

Everyone who wants to defend Coughlin as a good head coach needs to understand that he stands for poor coordinators and underachievement. I do not care if the Giants win the last two games 50-0 or lose the last two games 50-0.  In either case, the coaches need to be let go.

In 2008, when Gilbride needed to make adjustments vs the 8 man front, where was Coughlin?

In 2009, when Sheridan single-handedly destroyed an entire franchise’s defensive identity, where was Coughlin?

In 2010, when the Giants were uncompetitive vs the best teams and his special teams were abysmal, where was Coughlin? 

Bob Papa: “You’d think that with Rex Grossman, you’d give him less zone and force him to beat you (in man).”  But all we get is more zone.  In 2011, when Fewell’s defense and its players are outschemed and underachieve, where is Coughlin? 

Today we saw: penalties, way too many dropped balls, soft coverage, off coverage, zone coverage, too many 3rd down conversions given up on defense, lack of urgency/energy, horrible run defense, abandoning the run on offense, 1 screen poorly executed, lack of short pass rhythm, Rolle guarding Moss, MM cutting off his route, Amukamara benched.

Where is Coughlin?

Aikman: “sleepwalking”  did “not even show up”

Strahan: “soft”

I do not want to hear about injuries.  If your team is good enough to play with fire and effort, going toe to toe vs the Packers, then it is good enough to win games vs the Washington Redskins.  Get your business done.

Coughlin: “The responsibility comes back to me and I accept it.”  We keep hearing that, that Coughlin accepts responsibility.  Yet year after year we get more Coughlin.  Ugly loss after ugly loss. 


Does anyone out there really think that winning the next two weeks will prevent Coughlin from underachieving next season?  This head coach is as good and as bad as his coordinators, and the result is that the Giants are the most inconsistent team in the entire NFL.  Inconsistency is a poker tell- the Giants beat themselves and lose games (SEA, PHL, WAS) they should win on a regular basis.

The Giants are 7-7.  You are your record.  Only a mediocre NFC East allows the Giants to somehow remain alive this season.  Do not let that putrid performance we all witnessed today get swept under the rug by Giants management.  Do not let a possible 9-7 season and playoff appearance camouflage the fact that this franchise is not winning a title with this coaching staff.