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Wednesday Morning QB: the Kevin Boss Edition

We have a vision for a Giants Championship.  That vision includes assembling the right players and the right coaches.  It also includes executing on all fronts.  We chronicle the things we see as helping the team to get to that goal and we also note when we see mistakes.  On May 27th we raised our voice and pointed out what we felt was a Giant mistake.   

On May 27th we opined that it seemed sloppy and careless that the organization (its coaching and medical staff) could somehow leave it to the last minute to have Boss get off-season surgery on his ankle:

Kevin Boss had successful ankle surgery on Monday.  Yes, I understand they were probably seeing if he could heal without a procedure, but to wait until practically June to do the operation strikes me as unnecessary.  I am ready for the press release from training camp: “Boss limited.”


Boss has his surgery in May instead of January. Another bad move by NYG management. Why the wait ?
What’s the chance he will be 100% in Sept.

Then watch, hardhead Coughlin will put Boss on the field, not fully recovered and we’ll have another case like Jacobs last year.

The management of player conditioning should be a key focus of Coughlin . What does he do ?

Well, we found out yesterday from Garafolo that not only is Boss limited by his recovering ankle, but that he now is out entirely with a hamstring injury that resulted from his overcompensating for the ankle issue.” 

Folks, this ain’t rocket science.  In fact, it is the exact opposite.  It is football for morons.  Something is broke, you fix it.  If you want to let it heal on its own, you try that and then move quickly if progress is not made so that the guy comes back to camp 100%.  Not 95%.  Not 99%.  Try 100%.  The Garafolo story says that Boss will be back in a few days.  I sure hope so, because hamstring injuries seem to linger. 

Boss is a star.  The only reason he is not in the Pro Bowl is because of manglebride.  To have this star held back by an ankle and a hamstring is absolutely unnecessary.  Were Bob and this blog pretending to be fortune tellers, or were we just using 2+2 common sense in asking why it had to be SO CLOSE TO CAMP?  This is exasperating.  The medical screwups that have been happening have a stench of incompetence.  And the fact that these mistakes keep happening over and over again (I really do not care to list them all, Jacobs Week 1, the ~7 hamstrings last training camp, Osi hip-gate, Hixon turf-gate, to name just a few) is a pattern of recurring errors that borders on negligence.

Boss can come back in a few days (which we all hope he does).  Boss could have never gotten hurt coming back to camp at all.  Whatever the outcome of this event, it is irrelevant.  What is relevant is that poor decisions were made from January through to May 24th that put this player’s contributions to his team at unnecessary risk.  We smelled sh*t in May and it still smells of sh*t in August.