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Week 7 Around the NFL

Got a chance to watch some non-Giants yesterday.  Here are some observations:

1) Plaxico.  When you catch 3 TDs in a single game, it is impressive.  Plaxico is adapting to a different role, that of red zone TE.  While we are first to admit he is having more success than we would have expected, it is a reminder of how important coaching is, to recognize how to utilize the players you have.  At 34, Plax is no longer as fast for the Yards After Catch.  But he is Big and Tall- a good red zone target.

2) The NYJ still have many problems.  That they somehow found a way to beat the Chargers is another wacky NFL 4th Quarter turnaround.  The Chargers are driving down the field, practically in the red zone, the ball gets batted and deflected perfectly into the hands of Revis, who proceeds to return the ball all the way to the other red zone.  Instead of the Chargers sealing the win, the Jets go ahead.

3) I heard a stat that was so outrageous that I am not going to reprint it here because I cannot confirm it, but suffice it to say that there have been a record # of Q4 comebacks this year.  Think BUF over NE.  NYG over AZ.  DET over DAL.  SF over PHL.  NYJ over SD.  Another stupid one was DEN over MIA yesterday. 

4) With the Skins losing and the Cowboys winning, it should be a reminder that Dallas is the one to watch.  Just look at their remaining schedule to understand that at 3-3, they are in a good position.  The good news for Giants fans is that they control their own fate, playing Dallas twice in the last 4 weeks.  And of course, don’t forget about the Eagles either.

5) Cam Newton and Christian Ponder have taken different routes to starting positions, but they both look good.  We panned Ponder going so high, yet the early returns look like they did well.

6) Pete notes that Kevin Boss went out yesterday with another concussion.  This blog was much more upset about the loss of Steve Smith than Kevin Boss.  This was because we acknowledged how vulnerable Boss was to a shortened career due to more concussions.  We truly have more concerns for this man’s health than we do for him playing football. 

7) When we talk about how bad the NFL is, we bring into evidence CLE-SEA.  The game was won 6-3, and I really do not care to know who won.  One of the analysts on NFL Gameday said the contest was “unwatchable.”  You have two 2-3 teams playing one another and one of them is going to go to 3-3.  Amazing.  This is the mediocrity that is the NFL.  All in all it was a pretty pathetic week for the NFL.  Dallas blowing out a Bradford-less Rams team.. the Saints putting a hurting on the not-ready-for-primetime Colts in primetime.  There are about 5-10 teams that are watchable on any weekend and the rest can be worthless.  The rust from the lockout should be over, yet all of these bad teams and crazy comebacks makes me ask aloud if that is the case.  If I were a head coach, I’d use the bye to make sure my players were doing more practice, even if it is without pads.