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Welcome to the 2012 NFL Draft- Round 1

The 2012 NFL Draft is here! This evening at 8PM ET, Round 1 will take place in NYC.  We’ll be tweeting with commentary about selections, trades and other team moves.

Wonder’s Final Draft Board for 2012 is online.  Click the zoom (+) key 3 times. He made a few changes to his positional assessments, lowering some of his 3’s to 4’s and lowering some 4’s to 5’s to adjust for the overall weak stock in the draft. THEY CAN’T ALL BE STARTERS!  Remember, the average team generates 2.3 starters per draft.  Yet isn’t it remarkable how EVERY year, all 32 GMs say (with confidence) how well they have done?!!  As we have noted here before, 70% of parents believe their kids are above average.   

Round 1 should be understood for what it is: a lack of QUALITY.  Once you get past Luck and Griffen, there is a noticeable talent drop off.  This means that trading up is not going to be a value decision.  

In this draft, my preference would probably be to trade down.  Assuming the Giants do not get Hightower at any point, I would take Lavonte David at 32. If David is not there, I’d draft one of the linemen (DeCastro, Glenn, Konz) who will possibly fall, Ronnell Lewis (he’s a 3-4 LBer but I’d take him), or Harrison Smith.

All I keep reading about here in the NY area mocks is the Giants taking Coby Fleener. NO. Why not? Because Gilbride wastes his TE’s, so why should I waste MY pick?! Besides, Reese went after Bennett in Free Agency specifically so he did not have to pick a TE.

Doug Martin is another player talked about. The reason why I am, all else equal, against that pick is that the Giants are TERRIFIC in later rounds at finding Running Backs.  So why do I ever need a Round 1 Running Back?!  It is really quite simple: Get me a slab of beef to protect Eli, or a Linebacker that is going to be the missing piece in the defensive puzzle! 

Let’s have some fun tonight.. follow me on twitter.

ps thanks for the “catch” on Randle, 3-80 overrated