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What’s your fatal flaw?

Some worts were exposed three days ago by Dallas.  Ralph Vacchiano did a pretty good job of breaking it all down.  Between Ralph’s and Carl Banks’ analysis from Monday, that is enough forensic disection to call it a week and move on.

So let’s move on… to the Eagles.  If the Giants are going to be competitive, a few things have to be corrected.  According to Banks, Rolle was “overaggressive.”  It is hard for us to know precisely what Rolle’s responsibility is on every playcall, but we do know that the secondary was torched.  We’ll take it on Banks’ word that it was Rolle who was gambling and out of position.  Vick will make us pay if there is undisciplined defensive coverage out there.  Between his accuracy and his ability to buy time, he’ll expose a team that is not managing their assignments crisply. 

Every team has flaws this year.  There are no GREAT teams.  Lucky for the Giants, because they are ‘good,’ not great.  Last week, Wonder rattled off 11 teams that he felt were in the running for the Super Bowl.  Let’s relist all 11 and note every team’s fatal flaw/s.


NYG- discipline, OL  
PHL-  can be pounded (run) on, too light up front, can Vick last?
NO- Super Bowl hangover
ATL- questionable defense


NYJ- no pass rush
NE- inability to run the ball, defense
PIT- injuries at LT, LG are compromising the offense
IND- health, can’t win on road in Northeast in playoffs
TENN- Can Vince Young stay healthy?
BAL- Flacco is overrated
SD- injuries, discipline, lost physical edge 

So what is the message here?  There are going to be a few teams that emerge from this pack, and every team thinks it is going to be them.  A week ago, it was the Giants thinking they had the inside track, a week later it is the Eagles.  The Giants have the opportunity to say something about that.  In 4 days. 

Wonder, for his part, thinks the NFC is not going to be about this weekend’s PHL-NYG game, because he sees these two teams in almost all likelihood splitting their 2 games.  The two games he is eyeing on for the NFC are:
The NFC North and NFC West will not get the bye, so all else equal, the two games above will go a long  way to determining the division winners in the NFC East and NFC South.

I know the statistics- a NYG/PHL split is more likely than not because the home team is supposed to win each contest.  But go tell that to Giants and Eagles fans, all of whom will be watching Sunday night’s game.  It is simply too big, and will be a measuring stick.  Each team needs to improve and distance themselves from their fatal flaws.