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Why there is an uptick at linebacker!

Veteran linebacker Keith Bulluck is a Giant!

For months, during this offseason, we have been so concerned about the Giants weak linebacking corps. Today, with the signing of Bulluck, this is good news. Even though he is recuperating from a serious ACL knee injury,  Bulluck playing on one leg is better than what we currently have on the roster.  According to Newark Star-Ledger’s Mike Garafolo, Bulluck will play middle linebacker.

Here is an updated  middle linebacker depth chart:

1. Bulluck

2. Goff

3. Dillard

4.  Wilkinson

Bulluck’s agent Gary Wichard characterized the Giants linebacking unit as “dangerously thin”.

Speaking of dangerously thin, Coughlin is on thin ice this year. If the Giants flop this year, he is most likely out of a job.

When the Giants tanked in 1983 (3-12-1 record),  Bill Parcells almost lost his job.  Subsequently, the next year, Parcells began to  reshape his roster.  According to the book LT: Over the Edge, LT describes a different Parcells.  Bill started doing some heavy-duty gardening. He weeded out the troublemakers. He weeded out the guys who would sit around the locker room and bitch and moan all the time. He weeded out the underachievers. He weeded out the guys who just played when they wanted to play.  He kept the fighters.

Bulluck is a fighter.

By bringing in fighters, let us hope Coughlin can get the Giants back on track.