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Wonder after Week 7

NE– Still a force to be reckoned with. Still have Supe Dreams.
MIA– I will give credit where credit is due. Exceeded expectations. Tannehill can be a QB for the future.
NYJ– Blow'em up and start all over.  Neither QB is the answer.
BUF– Whoever gave Ryan Fitzpatrick $60M should have their head examined.

CIN– Marvin Lewis is 1-10 at home vs Pitt, need I say more?!
BAL– O how the mighty have fallen. Ravens defense no longer to be feared.
PIT– Until proven otherwise, I will not give up on Big Ben.
CLE– Xmas for Browns fans- Holmgren is leaving!

IND– What a bright future with Mr. Luck.
JAX– Should request entry into the Arena League.
HOU– The best of the AFC, but that ain't sayin a lot.
TEN– The epitome of mediocrity

SD– Was Phillip Rivers really one of the best QBs in football?
DEN– Not as good as they look sometimes, not as bad as they look sometimes.
OAK– Would anybody give up a 3rd round pick for noodle-armed Carson Palmer now?
KC– Are they still in the NFL?

DAL– Watching Dallas at the end of a game is like playing roulette.
PHL– Andy Reid is not taking care of Michael Vick.
NYG– If the Giants decide that they want to play like they did vs the 49ers, nobody will beat them.
WAS– REPEAT: Look out world, here comes RGIII and the Skins for the next 15 years.

MIN– Hard to believe that the Vikings are 5-2 with Christian Ponder, but he's playing ok.
GB– Lookout world, here comes Discount Double Check.
CHI– I almost feel bad for Chicago, competing w Aaron Rodgers for the next 10 yrs.
DET– Unfortunately Schwartz has lost control of the team.

NO– Brees just sued the NFL for non-support.
ATL– Can they win in January?
CAR– Ron Rivera is ruining Cam Newton.
TB– Despite what Schiano did to the Giants, I do like him long term.

AZ– Water seeks its own level. And so go the AZ Cardinals.
SF– Alex Smith is once again Alex Smith.
SEA– Love where they are headed, wish they had given Matt Flynn a chance.
STL– Fisher will last.  Can Bradford take the pounding?