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Wonder Bullets on DEN game, NFC East and the NFL

Wonder weighs in on the Denver game today, the NFC East and the NFL.

NYG-DEN matchup:

  • When the Giants have the ball
    • Short passing game, TE and RB
    • Use Wilson in the air
    • 3 and out for the offense puts the defense in harm's way (think H1 of DAL game), so control the ball
    • and the "duh," don't turn the ball over 6 times
  • When the Broncos have the ball
    • Peyton doesn't have an arm- attack the line
    • Press Coverage
    • Eliminate short cross patterns underneath
    • Don't worry about the Den running game
    • Hit Peyton
    • Don't let Peyton dink and dunk you
    • LET HIM BEAT YOU OVER THE TOP- it's ok, he will not be able to do that enough of the time

NFC East:

  • Entire division is flawed
  • RGIII favoring knee, so Morris will not have the 2012 year he had because defenses will not be worried about RGIII running
  • The pace of the Eagles O will send Jackson, Vick or McCoy down with an injury, and then PHI suffers
  • PHI defense is weak
  • For NYG, combo of no run game and soft Defense is bad combo.  Eli will need to win a lot of games.  Loss of Stevie Brown really hurt.
  • NYG can win the division, because division is up for grabs

Around the NFL:

  • SF vs DEN in the Super Bowl, SF to win it
  • Does NE get real Gronk back, if they do, he will bring their Offense back to speed much faster
  • AFC is weak
  • CIN to win a weaker division, despite Marvin Lewis
  • HOU makes playoffs but not sold on Kubiak and Schaub once they get there
  • SF and SEA make playoffs, but in what order?
  • If Marshall can stay healthy, CHI can unseat GB
  • ATL schedule harder, defense is "?" so N.O. can win division. Still not sold on ATL.