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Wonder on the NFL and the Giants

Wonder gives his ratings on the 32 teams and discusses the NY Giants.

On a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is worst, 10 is best, here are his subjective rankings.

New Orleans 9   Washington 5.5
Indianapolis 8.5   Atlanta 5.5
Green Bay 8.5   San Francisco 5.5
Baltimore 8   NY Giants 5
Pittsburgh 8   Kansas City 5
New England 7.5   Oakland 4.5
San Diego 7.5   Arizona 4.5
Chicago 7   Seattle 4.5
NY Jets 7   Jacksonville 4
Cincinnati 7   Denver 4
Tennessee 7   Detroit 3.5
Houston 6.5   St. Louis 3.5
Dallas 6.5   Tampa Bay 3
Miami 6.5   Carolina 3
Minnesota 6   Cleveland 2.5
Philadelphia 5.5   Buffalo 2


On the Gmen, Wonder takes a step back and talks about what drives this sport.  “Football is entirely about coaching.  It is scheme.  It is detail.  It is about teaching technique.  In baseball they can replace a manager in the middle of the year.  You simply can’t do that in football. 

“The Giants have a fair amount of talent on their DL.  They also have a solid secondary.. guys like Rolle, Phillips, Thomas and Webster can play (Wonder is not a Ross guy).  Tell me how it is possible that the Jets could lose their three best players on defense (Jenkins, Pace and Revis) and still shut down the Patriots in H2?  COACHING.  Fewell has no clue.  They are not teaching technique.  The Giants have nothing and have regressed significantly.  They clearly are not playing to their potential.  There is no plan.”

Wonder rates them a 5.  Average.  If the Giants continue along this path, make no meaningful adjustments and underachieve again this year, would you get rid of Coughlin at the end of the season?  Wonder: “Who do I replace him with?  I need someone who is going to better than him.”  I press Wonder for someone in the league.  “If I am getting rid of Coughlin, I get rid of Reese too and I start with a clean slate.  We mentioned Cowher at the end of last year as one name.  Realistically, for a name of someone who could and would be there, I’d take DC Rob Ryan of Cleveland.  That would be an upgrade, it would give your team a shot with someone who is aggressive and who could use the talent.  It would also be very cool to have the Ryan brothers both coaching in NY.”    

Any thoughts on this weekend’s coming matchup?  “The Tennessee secondary can be had, assuming the Giants OL can do a better job of protecting Eli.  Tennessee has QB issues. Chris Johnson is unhappy.  The point spread is -3.  I’ll take the FG, but I think the Giants win it, 20-17.  It really is a must game for the Giants.”