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Wonder gives us the pulse on all 32 teams around the NFL.  Quick and to the point.  No muss, no fuss.

NE– Lucky mother*’rs get the #33 pick in the draft from CAR. They also get Oakland’s #1.  The rich get richer.
NYJ– Rex Ryan talks up a storm- he better back it up or else he’s gonna hear it.  If they don’t find a pass rush/er, they can forget about winning.  Ever.
MIA– In the Cowher sweepstakes.  QB took a step back.  Their rushing attack is non-existent.  Williams is retiring and Brown is used up.
BUF– Gailey has actually done ok.

PIT– If they continue retooling the OL like they did with Pouncey, they will once again be formidable.
BAL– They need to work on their defensive secondary.  The team’s crumbling in Q4 of more than a few games this year is a symptom of them getting older on defense.
CLE– Be careful what you wish for, Mike Holmgren.  You want to be President and Head Coach?  Good luck to you.
CIN– Are you kidding me?.. rehiring Marvin Lewis to a 2 yr extension?

IND– As long as #18 is there, they got a chance.
JAX– Next year will be Del Rio’s last.
HOU– Kubiak?  Are you kidding me?  They need to do something to light a fire.
TENYoung on the way out.. so who the hell knows who will be QB?  How does it affect their team?  But not that far away.  Should trade Young for McNabb.  Good for all parties.  

KC– As Wonder predicted, great drafts equal great potential.  They are on their way.
SD– Like the Romans, beginning of the crumbling of the dynasty.  Unless they get rid of Norv Turner, they are never getting over the hump.
OAK– Wish they kept Cable, but they are on the rise.  Their defense is going to be that much better, their WRs getting better.  Only question is the coach and the QB.  They need OL to marry up w power running.
DEN– Amazing what you can do to destroy what you have.  Take away QB (Cutler), TE (Scheffler), RB (Hillis), and WR (Marshall) and ship them all out for Tim Tebow?  This is what happens.  This cold weather team lost its howitzer arm and its battering ram. 

PHL– Has a puncher’s chance to go all the way.  Needs Vick to stay healthyand land the haymaker.
NYG– The rest of the league is moving forward and they are standing still like it is 1937.  They need LBers, speed, OL.  Most importantly they need a coach to put it all together.
DAL–  Not completely sure about Garrett, but from what we can see, the players like him and are playing for him, so he is an okay signing.
WAS–  Have you noticed that Shanahan doesn’t do so well w/o Elway and Terrell Davis on his team?! 

CHI– Hard to believe Lovie Smith got that team to go 11-5.  They need to spend ALL of their draft picks, all assets, all free agency, etc.. on Offensive Linemen.  If they fail to do so, look for next year to be a down year.
GB– If they stay healthy and improve their OL, they will be the best team in the NFC next year.
MIN– Is the next old QB coming to Minnesota??  McNabb??  That is where I think he lands.  If he goes there (Min or SF), they might be something to watch next year.  I like Leslie Frazier as a coach, because I perceive that the players are playing hard for him.
DET–  Love this team. Love Jim Schwartz.  If Stafford stays healthy, look out for how good they can be.  Just continue to do well in the draft.  (If they had not traded down 2 spots for Cherilus, giving up Albert to the Chiefs, they’d already be well on their way.) 

ATL– The stars are just aligned, they are not that good.  Will not go all the way.
NOLost Pierre Thomas yesterday.  But if Reggie Bush can be Reggie Bush, would not want to play this team.  Can go all the way this season, definitely.
TB–  Looking for a downturn next year from them.  I like Freeman.  Will not go 10-6 next year, division too hard and they won’t be playing the NFC West next year.
CAR– Better not take the QB in the draft.  Trade out and maximize value.

SEA– Can Hasselbeck stay healthy for an entire year?  I like Carroll but the team is very thin everywhere.  They play for the coach.
STL– Up and coming.  Love Bradford.  Like Stafford, he has to stay healthy… this rookie year Bradford played every down.  The Tackle Rodger Saffold (Indiana) is doing well.  He was on our draft board.
SF– QB? Offensive Coordinator?  Coach?
AZ– Ken Whisenhunt will be gone after 2011.  You lose Dansby, Rolle, Warner, Boldin, crippling.

Wonder adds that if Stafford stays healthy, McNabb goes to Minnesota, Chicago and GB get help at OL, the NFC North will be the best division in the NFL.  That is a lot of ‘ifs,’ but certainly not out of the realm of possibility. 

UltimateNYG here.  Closer to home, Fewell is getting interest from Carolina, Cleveland and SF.  Maybe all three have genuine interest.  Maybe none have interest and are just fulfilling the Rooney rule.  I’d rather have Fewell as my Head Coach than DC because at least that way he’d have a DC not necessarily running the Tampa2.  And since he is a good motivator with energy, that is a good set of strengths to have in your Head Coach.  

Rich Seubert had surgery
: “No cartilage damage and minimal collateral damage to the joint.”