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Wonder shares his first impressions of 2012

Wonder goes around the league with his first impressions on all 32 teams.

NE– Still not sold on 2 things: OL and overall Defense, particularly pass defense.
MIA– By Thanksgiving, we’ll be wondering who they take w 1 of the top picks in the draft.
NYJ– Don’t get sucked in. They still can’t run the ball and rush the passer.
BUF– Has everyone forgotten how bad of a coach Chan Gailey was at Dallas?!

CIN– I still believe CIN is a good FB team. Don’t be fooled by bad road loss to BAL.
BAL– If Suggs can make an amazing recovery by end of season, BAL goes to SB XLVII.
PIT– Losing DeCastro may devastate this team. They have real issues on their OL.
CLE– Maybe they can draft another QB #1 overall next year. Holmgren has to go.

IND– Better than people think. They have a reasonable 3 year plan.
JAX– I do not know who is worse: the owner, the GM, the coach, the QB or the team.
HOU– The Texans were given an EZ Pass for the AFC South.
TEN–  What has happened to their OL and Chris Johnson?!

SD– One of my sleeper teams. If Matthews can come back and be productive, they can compete w Denver.
DEN– Peyton starts the season with 10 wins. Anything more is a bonus.
OAK– Maybe if OAK decided to keep a coach for more than a season or two, they MIGHT develop continuity and a successful program.
KC– A ton of talent on both sides of the ball. But Romeo Crennel still sucks.

DAL– If their OL holds up, and they get any kind of pass rush opposite DeMarcus Ware, look out.
PHL– The loss of Jason Peters is the biggest loss of a non-skilled position player in the entire NFL.
NYG– When will the Giants ever put together back to back Super Bowls?
WAS– Look out world, here comes RGIII and the Skins for the next 15 years.

MIN– It’s amazing how bad this team is compared to the other 3 teams in its division.
GB– Before anyone starts patting McCarthy on the back too much, just remember how flat they were vs NYG in the playoffs and SF in Week 1.
CHI– I still don’t like their OL and I still think their Defense is overrated vs good QBs.
DET– Will Mikel Leshoure be the answer at RB? If so, look out.

NO– Bountygate & loss of Payton is significant. How they handle it is an unknown.
ATL– They have talent, but can they get it done in the playoffs? Julio Jones is a beast.
CAR–  What happened last week to the running game?!
TB– I love what they are doing.  I just feel bad that they lost Davin Joseph for the year.

AZ– That’s 1 more win than I thought they’d get! Reasonable team, but OL is horrible.
SF– By far the best all-around team in football at Week 1. Not even close.
SEA– Let’s not forget how terrible a coach Pete Carroll was with the Jets and the Patriots, because he sure showed it in Week 1 at AZ.
STL– Fisher has them going in the right direction, & they will surprise a few people by winning 5 or 6 this year.